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  • Here We Go Again

    Mabe some of you remeber my post a few weeks ago about the crazy lady with the super matted maltese accusing me stabbing, drowning etc..her dog. Well even though I know i did nothing to that dog I refunded the grooming but did not pay her vet bill. the whole situation had me really upset and questioning whether i should be grooming...i had since gotten over that, have ben very careful, made sure all matted dogs signed a release etc.....
    tuesday we had a client with 2 westies, i did one another groomer did the other, good dogs, in good shape, did regular westie cuts per what was written on their card...the lady calls after they had gone home and said their skirts were supposed to have been cut down, the shop owner apologizes she forgot to write that on their card (although she doesnt remember the request) and offers to fix it herself...a few minutes later the woman calls back again and says one of them cant open her owners says mabe shampoo got in her eye etc... i overheard the conversation and suggested mabe hair got in her i was off she stopped payment on her check for the grooming...this will be the second dog in a month i have basically groomed for free... i am now really frustrated and dont want to groom...
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    It Is The World Today

    I think somehow awful unfair things happen. I also think there are some dishonest people everywhere, sometimes they show up in our lives. Think of it as a lesson to protect you from these kind of people in the future. Get some simple release forms for all dogs. Be sure they are up on rabies first, then the other shots. It is so cruel out there. It happens to all of us. I doubt you did anything wrong. Try to regain your confidence by remembering all the GOOD clients that have praised you over the years. Bad apples just show up.Some people go to great lengths to get something for nothing. I wonder if you could get creeit card info on everyone, as big corp Pet---- does and they always get paid up front. What goes around, comes around. The powers that be, will even the score with people like that. I obsess when clients (1 timers) pull stuff. In a years' time, it rarely happens, but it can knock your confidence. Consider the source. BELIEVE in yourself and the truth. Listen to the voice of truth, that will tell you a different story. Do not be afraid to continue. Don't let the enemy win. You have the truth on your side. You know if an accident happens and when you did nothing wrong. Stick to your guns ,hon. Press on.Think positive sounds trite so rather, I say , believe in yourtrue self....that good, conscientious groomer you are! I need a pep talk now and then too. We are here for you!Tomorrow is another (good )day.


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      Call the vet and talk to him. We all know that what the owner says and what the vet says are usually two totally different things. Years ago I groomed a Schnauzer who's owner called me the next day in hysterics. She claimed that her dogs eye was so inflamed that it was basically melting out of his head. She took him to the vet off hours and the vet said it was my fault and that I should be hung or shot (little facetious). I was freaking out, apoligized profusely and told her I would take care of everything (I was new at owning my business). I ran next door to the vets, where he laughed at me and said something unflattering about the mental stability of said

      His version of the dogs eye was MUCH different than the owners. He said the dogs eye was slightly irritated. He also said that this particular dog is prone to allergies and eye problems and told the owner that pollen could have as easily irritated it as something I did. He reassured me that the dog was fine, it was the lady that needed medical assistance...hehe..

      Since I was a newbie at being a business owner, I went ahead and paid for the vet bill and gave her money back for the groom (stupid me!). I have learned a LOT since then about reading between the lines when a client tells me something the vet said.

      Don't let these incidents make you stop grooming, unless your REALLY want to get out of grooming. It is not for everyone, and if it is not your cup of tea, there is no shame in looking for something else. If, however you do want to keep this profession just be as careful as you possibly can. Maybe you need to try to groom a dog or two less a day so you can slow down and make absolute sure that the dog is okay. If I were afraid that I was injuring more dogs than what is considered "normal" I would have my manager or an experienced co-worker go over my dogs before they left the grooming table, just to double check.

      Your confidence has taken a big hit, and this can actually cause you to make more booboo's. Just take a deep breath and do the best that you can do!!!
      SheilaB from SC


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        Here we go again

        It's entirely possible that you got shampoo in the eye that wasn't tearless.An ulcer can happen very easily and quickly if this happens. If the eyelid has to be stitched the charge would be about $300 or so. If she honestly thought you did this and it cost her $300, I'm surprised she didn't demand payment. Who knows............/ Sometimes ointment will do the trick to mend the eye, but sometimes the vet has to stitch the 3rd eyelid closed for it to heal. Don't get frustrated things happen. Seems like with me, I will go along fine for a long time, then things happen in multiples. I work in a vet clinic and the doc takes care of it. That's one perk for working in a vet clinic.


        ps If it makes you feel any better, I once put an ulcer on both eyes of one standard poodle (same day). Poor dog, he was scheduled for Xmas pics that day. She had the pics taken, the eyes were closed.


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          Sounds like you've just had a run of coincidental issues. So many things are possible when it comes to the eyes. It is possible that shampoo got in the eye and it is possible that hair got in the eye. I've seen dogs, after I bring the in from the van, go and rub their heads into the carpeting pretty aggressively. The dog could have got something in its eye from doing something like that. I'm not so sure that an infection would show up immediately, though. (I have no idea on that).

          Please don't think you should give up grooming because of these minor incidents. The post awhile ago...that woman was just insane (accusing you of drowning her dog???!!). Just keep focused on what you're doing...maybe start using safe eye or something before bathing, and you'll be fine. It always seems like things like that happen in bunches for some reason. This too shall pass.
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            All I can say is PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!!!!! The dog probably had an eye infection before you groomed it...... If I owned the salon I would call this vet and get a report from him/her. Who knows this dog could have been seen for this before. If it wasn't caused by you (which I doubt) then I would send them the report and a bill!


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              I know exactly how you feel. I had a few customers at the last place that I worked call 5-6 months after a groom, when they were ready to have the dog groomed again, screaming and yelling at my boss that I had given their dogs clipper burn all over their bodies. Both said the dogs had red-itchy bumps everywhere. I know for a fact that it was not clipper burn. One was a #4 strip and one a #7 but I never used a warm blade. I have several of the same that I change constantly while shaving when needed.

              Anyone my boss just took their word for it and didn't call the vet and check further or anything and just told me I gave the dog clipper burn.

              I told her it was impossible because I didn't even see the slightest bit of any irritation on either of these dogs before they left the shop and I kept my own notes of things I did find. One was an american eskimo and one a springer. I told her with all that white fur I certainly would have noticed red bumps everywhere and since it had been months there was no way to see exactly what they were talking about.

              I wouldn't take it personally, like others said there's a lot of people that blame everything on grooming and some (not all) are just looking to get that few bucks off constantly. For all you know the dog was already itching at it's own eye.

              I have had the same thoughts often when thinking about opening my own place. Do I want to be the one who deals with some of these nuts directly? I'm just holding out hope that there are more good, decent folks than crazy ones even though the few whackos can really ruin your attitude for a while.


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                I would alwasy speak to the vet before agreeing to ANYTHING! There are so many scam artists out there. Don't get down on yourself. I have had a bad few weeks. Heck, look at the little baldie that I had to do with a 30. I nicked him at least 5 times because he was so matted. I even nicked his bum by accident and had to put quick stop on it. OUCH. On his side he had a full set of clipper teeth marks. It happens. They are moving targets and we are human.
                If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                  Don't underestimate your customers either. When I worked for Petsomething, the store manager gave out free grooms to any customers who complained. I can tell you we got a whole lot of complaints, and I spent a lot of time doing free grooms! Some customers are really savvy.


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                    keep something in mind. in some states, they can not put a stop on a check for a service. it amounts to theft of service and a felony in some states. in ct, that is the case. check with your local police department .
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                      this is similar with what happend to me once...i was working at a doggy daycare center...well...the owner (friggen nutbag!) only had two people working at one time. one person in the office the other in the back with the dogs. (20 to 30 dogs at a time. with ONE person watching all of them. mostly sheps/labs/goldens/bigger mix's). well...this lady had a huge sheltie. had to be at least 50 lbs. well my boss was notorious for not signing paychecks so it could be 2 weeks before you got your check. well it was a shift change and i let the other person in the back and i was leaving for the day. well the office person was bathing a dog after his swim (just rinsing him off) and she asked the other office lady if she could get murphy out of the back and bring him into the grooming area as it was time for his treats and break. well...then on monday (this was a friday) i get a phone call from my boss SCREAMING at me over the phone about what i did to this poor dog. i was like wait a minute. WHAT are you talking about! i had called back friday to see if she had signed the checks yet and the office person said that murphy had gotten injured because the owner called back saying that they took him to the vet for a huge shoulder injury etc...said they let him outside then let him in and touched his shoulder and he growled and snapped at them. well...i called my friend jess and asked her wtf happend. she said that the owner called and claimed that the dog was injured while he was at the daycare. i said no he was fine. the person in back said he was sitting outside when she went to get him in. well that monday my boss calls screaming at me about it...and i said no..i had already left for the day and when I left he was fine. shes accusing me of the doing being injured...and goes..oh well i told her id pay her vet bills..its estimated at 3 grand. i said okay...whatever. then she wants to talk to my mom. THEN she is telling my MOM that IM responsible for the vet bills etc etc and that shes going to give the owner my contact information! NOW the bill is estimated at around 8 to 10 grand! she fired me because i wouldnt admit to something that didnt happen when i was there. she then tells my mom she is going to write a 6 page letter and send the pictures of the dog with...(i never saw the pictures of the dogs injury...AND other people said it was bad but that the dog was FINE when he left that day). can we say someone trying to get vet bills for free when it could possibly have happend at home? i didnt care about loosing my job...its just the audacity of her saying I am getting the bills...well dont agree to pay for the vet bills then renege on it. it sounds like these people are possibly related and are trying to blame it on you.
                      ah well...sometimes things just happen all at once!
                      keep on grooming...dont let something like this get you down!
                      now i can understand if you poked its eyeball out or something LOL...but dont let something like that getcha down!
                      keep grooming on!


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                        I know that I have told customers of bad eye problems before they leave and more than half of them still haven't taken care of the problem time after time. Then acted surprise when I mention it months later, they forget over & over?
                        I always write it on their card so I don't forget to say it over & over!!


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                          Sometimes we just have our unlucky moments, but then good things happen together, too.
                          Lol, when I was a newbi groomer, everything seemed to be my fault, and now I am an old groomer, everything isn't my fault. Maybe after a few more years, I will be right all the time.


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                            Call the vet

                            If she dropped the vet bill, my guess is it wasn't something you did at all, and she's trying to cover it up so she doesn't look like an *ss. If not, she has NO business getting a grooming refund! AND she owes you an apology.


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                              First of all, don't beat yourself up over it and don't let the nut cases discourage you. Things happen, sometimes you didn't do anything, sometimes you did. But they're rarely life threatening events. Even if you did somehow cause an eye infection, it's not the end of the world.

                              Shampoo in the eye might cause corneal burns or infection. The best way to avoid that is to use drops in all dog's eyes prior to the bath. There are several eye drop preperations made just for this purpose, and they aren't expensive.

                              Tearless shampoo can also cause irritation, burns or infections. Use eye drops.

                              The other possible way you can cause an eye infection is dirty clipper blades. If you clip the dog's butt, then use the same blade on his face, you could cause an infection. Because of that, I have "butt only blades" and "face only blades"

                              And, as others have stated, ALWAYS talk to the vet. What the vet said and what the client heard can be two different things. And if you're convinced that you did cause the problem and offer to pay the bill, get an itemized bill, and only pay for treatment of the problem you may have caused. It's not your responsibility to pay for vaccinations, stool checks, worming meds, or anything else the vet may have done at the same time.