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Other groomers irk me.

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  • Other groomers irk me.

    Im having issues with the unprofessional associates that I work with in my salon and I dont know what to do about it. I probably wont do anything about it, I just need to vent. My salon consists of young people between the ages of 21-28.This is a corporate salon. Nobody cares about keeping clients because nobody expects to be a dog groomer for long. Everyone has lives outside of the salon. This is where I am different.I am the youngest and grooming is what I do and its what I will continue to do. When im not grooming, im reading about grooming. I WANT to continue to groom. When I was apprenticing, I wasnt just taught how to groom. I was taught how to run a business and take care of clients.
    I want to give some examples of the things that are getting to me and im not even sure if they can be posted. Some associates charge for everything and I mean... everything. A client wants a FFT and a little trimmed from the skirt.... well now thats a complete groom! Its only two seconds extra of my time and theres no need to charge more for it, but other associates dont feel that way. When talking to one of them about it they explained that the customer would at least be paying that much this time. I tried to explain that if you charged the fair price the customer would keep coming back and make us even MORE money. It went over their head.

    I normally wouldnt care what they did with their clients, but those are my clients too. Their reputation IS my reputation. What do you do when everyone around you is so money hungry? I dont know how much longer I can go. I tried to talk to one of my friends about this and they said I was taking my job too seriously. Am I? For those of you that work with other groomers, do you ever have this problem?


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    I think you you are in a predicament, but I really think the problem is not as much yours as it is the shop owner's. You're right though, their unscrupulous and dishonest behavior is going to cost all of you in the long run.

    Anyway, your boss/shop owner should lay down the line and "make some rules" around there. How is it that these groomers are setting their own prices? Are they IC's or something? I don't think they are from what you said, and yet they're acting like they are. I mean, isn't there a "B&B" or a B&B + tidying here and there, etc...for $10 more or something like that? There is no way I'd pay a full groom price for a few things tidied up. In fact, for a B&B I include trimming the feet, face, fanny and "undercarriage." But it's not a full groom price unless I pretty much take length off the whole body.

    You are right to be bothered by this but I don't know what more you can do than to talk to your boss. I can't imagine the boss would think this is ok, unless his/her business skills are...non-existent.

    I hope you have plans to open your own shop, because you seem to be a bit more business-minded and have some integrity about you---that is hard to find in groom shops sometimes.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      I think this happens in alot of businesses just not grooming. Just do a good job, and you seem so into grooming you will go far. Where I worked before I would stress about other people that would pull us down and it is not worth it. Like you said they don't plan on being groomers they probably won't be there very long. Isn't there a manager that sets the prices. How can these employees just charge what they think?


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        you said you are the youngest...first lesson you need to understand is you're not working for the fun of it, none of us are. You are doing a job that you want to get paid for. Everyone wants to make a living. Don't short change yourself. Let them charge what they think is right, and be glad to get your paycheck. It could be worse, you could be out of a job! One day, when or if you decide to own your own salon, you can charge what you think is right. Until then, work,learn and listen. When you make that step, you will understand where they are coming from, hopefully. Good Luck!


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          Remember what you yourself said..they don't expect to be doing this for very long. The fact is that 6 months from now a lot of that staff will have gone and new people will be there in their place. As time goes by the customers will see that you are a constant face and a consistant groomer and they'll learn to request you.

          On the pricing..don't worry about it. In the grand scheme of things it can't possibly be that much more that they want to charge over what you want to charge and frankly you are worth it for that little bit of extra scissoring. We all want to make the customers happy and go the extra yard for them..getting paid for it is not a sin.

          I have worked in a similar situation and as long as you're doing a good job it really doesn't matter what the rest of the peanut gallery is up to...your good regular clients will find you and they will stick with you.


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            Can you talk to the owner/manager about this situation and ask them to keep it confidential? If that were my business and I didn't (for whatever reason) know what was going on, I would be very grateful if someone "blew the whistle". If you don't get any results from a talk w/the uppers, start throwing your resume out to other salons. I bet you could find one that would be a lot more on target for what you believe is quality work and professionalism. It also sounds like this isn't the best learning atmosphere if you are still a newbie. JMO
            SheilaB from SC


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              This salon charges by breed. For example: A shih tzu has three different prices. Bath/Brush price, Feet,Face,Tail price. And complete groom price. The prices are set in the computer. I can control my own price. If they want a little trimmed off the skirt I can do that without charging the complete groom price.
              People abuse the charging by breed. I had a man come in with a medium size dog that looked a little like a sheltie. He told me that our price was high, but it was the closest salon to him. I looked at what he had been getting charged and they were charging him for a Chow Mix. He said that when he got her, they told her she had chow in her. My salon sets the chow price high, might be to limit the number of chows we get. I couldnt believe this man was being charged for a chow. The price difference between a dog his size and a chow is huge.


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                There are many words of wisdom on the previous posts......take all into consideration.
                You say that you look foreward to a future as a groomer,Wonderful!
                Understand that the "real world" consists of a varied people and no two ideas are usually compatable you plan on advancing in your field and will most likely do very well. Don't worry about others,give your customers the best you can and the pricing is up to whomever you work for. Open your own shop,go into partner with a set the prices and take care of the customers as you wish,working for someone else has it's ups and downs.
                You have less responsibility but must put up with protocal.Life is too short,don't get upset,do what you enjoy and because you are so young,you have alot longer to smile than us older ones!


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                  First, let me say that its great that you take the initiative to continue learning about your chosen profession and want be successful. Is obvious that you care so much about your clients and the dogs you groom. I wouldn't worry too much about what others in your salon are doing. It sounds like the ones there are what tend to give the corporates a bad name (thanfully, they are not all like that). The truth is, there will always be customers coming to the shop, so they're not too worried about maintaining the same customers. As been said, customers will start recognizing the difference in you and you may build a great little "clientele" who will seek you out when you strike out on your own.

                  You do have to remember though that all the times you do trimming, adds up over time, which means, in the long run less dogs groomed. Is it really a "couple of seconds" of your time? When I do the extra trimming, in order for me to really be happy with it I would say its at least 10 minutes (longer for goldens, etc). plus the time of moving the dog around etc. A bath brush and a trim is a bath brush and a trim and should probably be charged for. Its OK to do a little extra for customers, special little things, but if your not careful, they can take advantage and try to get more for nothing.
                  don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                    You're NOT going to make money OR encourage client loyalty by doing a lot of extra work for free. You're going to get a bunch of cheapskates not wanting to pay a fair price! The corporate bath/brush pricing is FAR too low, and you take a reduced commission for it, so WHY would you object to being paid for your work? Do you pay less at your hair salon for "just a little off" vs going from shoulder length hair to a buzz cut? NO. Same thing!

                    And truthfully, "just a little trim" in grooming takes more time and effort than a "full haircut" with a bunch of length off. You have to bathe, dry, brush, comb a LOT more hair for "just a little trim" than you do for a full shavedown. I certainly don't believe that you should do that for free.... And I agree with your coworkers.

                    And grooming should NOT be your life. It's your job, your career, but in order to be happy, you MUST have a life outside of grooming, so I'm not sure why you object to your co-workers wanting to make a fair living so they CAN enjoy their lives! You work to live; you should NOT live to work!


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                      Should I just decide that I know enough and not try to get better? For me, grooming is my craft not just my job. And I think you might have misunderstood what I was saying. Groomers in my salon are not allowed to do Bath and Brush. Those are for the bathers. So when I am comparing, I am comparing the Feet,Face, and Tail price with the complete groom price. Ex: Schnauzer comes in doesnt want a full hair cut, just trimming around the feet and the butt. If they say they want the skirt shortened, I clump that with the FFT package.


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                        This thread reminded me so much of a post I remember from a couple of weeks ago, and I finally found it. Thefirst time I read it I laughed out loud.
                        I really don't mind doing little extras for people at no charge, but you really have to draw the line sometimes.



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                          So you guys dont feel like shortening a skirt should be part of a Feet,Face,Tail package?


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                            Originally posted by SiotehCat View Post
                            So you guys dont feel like shortening a skirt should be part of a Feet,Face,Tail package?

                            No.... Again, does your hairstylist give you "just a trim" for free if you're in for, say, an updo?? Or a touch up of highlights free if you're in for a trim? Or if you pay for a bang trim and ask her to "just take a little off the ends all over"--is she not going to charge you for a haircut?

                            Giving services away for free is NOT a way to build a loyal good clientele. It's a way of getting the kind of people who will take advantage and always ask for just a little more--and never want to pay what you are worth....

                            Regarding your other comment about saying you know enough and grooming being your craft, not just a job.... I believe it's the same for the rest of us on here. However, those of us with a lot more life experience than you have are absolutely correct in saying that your career, craft, vocation (whatever you want to call it) is NOT your life. If your career becomes your life, then you will burn out way too quickly. The average length of a groomer's career is 3 years; those of us with 10, 20, 30+ years in this field DO know a bit more about how to continue enjoying it. There are FAR easier ways to make a lot more money, so even those you accuse of over-charging are not in this to "get rich" or gouge people. The goal is to make a comfortable living, doing something we enjoy, but to go home with the energy and drive to continue pursuing other interests, whether it's our own pets, our family, hobbies, working out...whatever.


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                              I agree with k9 also. I don't understand either why you would have a problem grooming a med sheltie mix for the price of a chow? excuse me? Hes a repeat customer and you just lowered his price?? better not let management find out about that one...some fur would fly if you were in my shop!