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Poor Sweet old Chow....

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  • Poor Sweet old Chow....

    Yesterday I had a Chow mix scheduled to come in at 9. She calls at 9:15 and asks what time her appointment was. My boss told her 15 minutes ago. So she said she's hurry over. No problem on my part it was my only dog scheduled. She got there and her dog ran right up to my boss and me. My boss noticed a bandage and asked if she had a boo boo. The lady said, yes she had a small hot spot. I start to feel this dog all over because it's been over 2 years since it's been groomed. She looks like she has Sheltie in her. Then I noticed the bandage that was the same color as her fur so it blended it. It went from her paw to her shoulder. I thought to myself that that was a little elaborate for a small hot spot.

    The lady wanted the dog shaved, thankfully. So I did a #7 all over this dog and saved the bandaged leg for last. I started to unwrap it. Under the vet wrap was gauze. I took the gauze off and a bunch of the dogs skin came off with it. I unwrapped this horrible leg. It was black and smelled horrible. It was full of rotten flesh. It looked as if gangrene had set in. So I stopped and had my boss come in and look at the dog, then my other boss looked at the dog and called the owner. She said that the vet saw it the day before when she was in for her shots and said it was fine. So my boss called the vet. Apparently this dog had a hot spot about 2 years ago and kept chewing at it until most of the tissue in the leg had died. The vet suggested amputation a year ago but the owner didn't want that. So for almost 2 years under vet supervision this dogs leg has been getting wrapped and medicated and scrubbed to get the dead tissue off. The dog limps and will hardly put any weight on it. To boot one of the nails on that leg was 4 inches long. I was able to cut off 3 inches. It was horrible. I've seen some nasty things in my life but I have never seen anything this bad that has actually been getting treatment. The poor dog is 13 yrs old. That lady needs to realize that her dog needs to have that leg amputated. I'm just waiting for the phone call that says the dog died from blood poisoning.
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    Good grief!

    What is WRONG with some people?! Amputating a leg is not the end of the world for a dog, and it's actually a relatively cheap surgery. How very, very sad. :-(


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      OMG! That may be the worst thing I've ever heard! What is wrong with this woman????!!!!


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        would somebody please call the humane society? for the dogs sake! surely they can get a court order and have that dogs leg amputated...or put her down for gods sake! what is wrong with people??? I will never understand them! Thats why Im a dog lover!


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          How terribly sad. I have never seen anything like that. I wonder if the dog feels any pain if everything is "dead". I'm surprised a vet would allow something like that continue...but then again, I guess a vet can't force someone to do anything with their dog they don't want to. What a sad way for an old dog to spend his later years.
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            That is just wrong! I would be livid and have a real hard time not strangling the owner!


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              That is so sad. Why is the vet not turning this lady in for cruelty?
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                That is just downright wrong. 2 years no groom, to boot.

                I would think that because it IS being treated that the humane society couldn't do anything because she's "supposedly" doing something about it. Yuck, and that poor dog. I bet it hurts to have those "treatments" all the time.

                Tammy in Utah
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                  Poor sweet old Chow

                  that breaks my heart. I have a chow, she is now 14. Has arthritis, bad eyes, can't hear. Never, ever complains, she is the one perfect dog a person is allowed in a lifetime. This woman's Chow is so stoic, never complaining. This owner has no idea what a wonderful and heroic dog she has been priviliaged to live with. I would take her in a heartbeat. I suspect it's a monitary thing concerning the amputition. My heart goes out to that dog.



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                    I wish we could do something but like Tammy said, the dog has been getting treatment for it so they wont do anything. Utah is not an animal friendly state.
                    There was a bill up a week or so ago and it was denied. That happens far to often here. Utah has 1 animal cruelty officer. 1 for the whole state.