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Question for the blade guys and others

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  • Question for the blade guys and others

    I just got a wahl bravura and was wondering what should I do to maintain/clean the blade and clippers? I've had trouble with hair getting stuck where the blade and the clipper meet. I also noticed the replacement blades come in fine and coarse, which one would you recommend?

    Any other tips are appreciated.


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    Go to our website and look at the speedfeed video on blade care. The cleaning is the same for all trimmer blades. Biggest thing to remember is to clean and oil them each day before going home at least to keep the blades from getting a build up on the cutting edges which makes the trimmers run slower and the blade seem like it is dull.

    Most use the coarse blade that I have seen since it is the one that comes with the trimmers. On the fine cut one the teeth are closer together so they don't don't dig into the hair as well as the coarse blade.

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      Pull that blade off each day and make sure all the hair is out of the head behind where the blade attaches, it could heat up if you dont. They are very good trimmers.


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