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    Hey all,

    I know there is a "marketing" thread on this site but it's low on the list and not many views, so I thought i'd post here as more of us read the general talk post's..

    I have been meeting with 2 local T.V. stations about shooting a commercial for my shop.. What i'm asking from you is, ideas!

    The t.v. people do all the script writing, filming, editing etc, but I have some input on the commercials and I'd like more ideas..

    I want to focus on 2 types.. Convienance and Humor..

    My idea #1..(humor) 3 dirty dogs on the sidewalk talking obnoxiously to the pretty ST. Poodle in the house.. Then a car pull's up and another dog gets out fresh from the goomers.. his 3 dirty buddies start teasing him about looking so pretty and smelling good.. Later, the 3 dogs are rummaging through trash cans when they see their groomed pal and the sexy poodle going out together. the 3 dogs run into Mindys Muddy Paws wanting to be groomed. maybe one gets nail polish on his nose and askes if it's his color.. etc.

    idea #2 (convienance) Wife tells hubby to make an appt for their dog to goto the groomers.. Hubby say's "no, I can do it myself". then show him struggling with the dog.., the dog runs out of the bathroom soaked, bubbly tracking wetness throught the house, hubby comes out soaked and mad.. Then at some point decides to call the groomers..

    any other bright ideas?

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    Those are very cute ideas! You have a very cute shop name, maybe something with muddy paws walking into your shop, and coming out looking gorgeous? And you looking 'muddy'?? Sounds pricey to do, but lots of fun! Hope you get a ton of new clients.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      Those are some really cute ideas. However I think I like the second one best. I also like the other suggestion you got about having something to do with muddy paws. The humor angle is nice, but I would think that working with that many other dogs might be more headache then it is worth. LOL. I would love to see it when it is done, you should post it on a website for all of us to see. Good luck.


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        are you mobile or salon?


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          i'm a home based salon..

          the thought of adding "muddy paw's" gave me an idea..

          maybe something along the lines of muddy paws all over the place.. their new carpet, across the bed, etc..

          we were even talking about a parody of American Idol..

          Randy (Lab) Paula (Poodle) Simon (English Bulldog) but have it more like a fasion show with the judges talking..

          im collection all the ideas I can get and i'll submit them to the script writers.. we can use bit's and pieces of each or go with one idea..

          Also, once the commercial is done, I own it.. so i'll just ad it to my website for all to see.. in around 60 days i think!


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            also, if anyone is interested..

            the average cost to create a 15-30 sec spot is between $250-$800
            (you get a master copy of your own which you can use)

            and most spots cost $10-$50 per showing..