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    I just got a grooming job at a self serve dog wash.. I have worked at a grooming shop only.. never a place where there was more than one "business"..

    Any tips, suggestions, thoughts? What experiences have you had...

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    If you have to multi-task, IE groom and check self serves in and out, clean tubs between washes it gets CRAZY!! Hard to manage both sometimes, especially if you groom in the rear of the shop and have to constantly put your dog away so you can check them in and out and clean tubs....too much sometimes. We use one person to check in and out and clean tubs as well as help the groomer bath and dry and brush their dogs.


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      I had a DIY pet wash that I opened in 1987-the first in the state. My receptionist/retail person was responsible for it. I was in the grooming room. It would be a major headache to both groom and look after the dog wash, especially on the busy days-usually Sat. Hope they have someone else to handle it. On the other hand, my groomer friend in Canada has a DIY, and usually is the only one in the shop. She has 4 rooms set up, and only stops to clean the rooms if most of them have been used. Still, I wouldn't want to do that.
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        I own a Groom & DIY in one. My receptionist handles the Self Serve although our bather or groomers do nails. I can't tell you how many times my groomers will deliberately watch the Self Serve customers, start up a conversation with them and then turn then into a grooming client.


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          They flood the floor a lot and you have to clean up after each one, or at least you should!!!