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I am horrified and appalled at something I did!

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  • I am horrified and appalled at something I did!

    As some of you may know, I have a small boarding kennel. We are closed for grooming on Tuesdays and Sundays and have a pick-up/drop-off for boarding from 5:00-5:30 on those days. Although we go in twice a day to care for boarding, I normally will not go the shop at a different time unless it is for a very good customer who has a good reason.

    Monday when I was cooking dinner, Ronnie called me and asked if I would be willing to meet Buttons Thompson at the shop when I did a.m. boarders. I said "sure, tell them to meet me between 8 -8:30. Well, I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The kids and I got out of the house early so I decided to go ahead and do kennel (not many there) so Katie (my oldest) could feed and water while I walked and cleaned. I had a Chiropractic appt and Massage scheduled at 9:30, so I did a couple errands before I went. Thankfully, my MIL is visiting, because they found out where I live (2 doors down) and came over to see if I was home. It was about 8:50 when they came over and Marie told them she would watch Buttons till I came home.

    I can't even decsribe how horrible I feel! I have never forgotten something like this, it is something I would seriously consider firing an employee over!!! What should I do to make this up to them? I am honestly considering not charging them for this boarding/grooming. I know that may be over the top, but they had to catch a plane out of Atlanta and I can only imagine the stress I added to an already stressful event (flying out of Atlanta..), and like I said, they have been really good customers. All morning yesterday I had that "what am I forgetting" feeling. Yikes, I hate this! Feel free to chew me out, I deserve it!
    SheilaB from SC

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    don't beat yourself up too bad. I forgot an appt once. The lady called me and said she thinks she wrote it down wrong and I put the blame on her lol. I said no I did not have you in for today, I had you in for tomorrow. hehe I would give the boarding free and just charge for the grooming.
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      This can happen to anybody so don't beat yourself up. Sit down and write them a heartfelt note and explain how bad you feel about what happened and how sorry you are. Offer them a discount. Next time, try to write these things down so you're less likely to forget. We're only human.


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        I would just explain it to them and maybe get them sometype of gift basket or give them a gift certificate. I am a very organized person and I know how you feel. Sometimes when you have so much going on you forget things! Since I opened my shop I have became very disorganized in my life (I feel). I am just busy all the time and running around like a nut. I know the feeling well of feeling like your forgetting something, its not fun....... Especially when you realize what that something was and remember all of a sudden! Don't stress to much.


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          You might give them one day's discount or a small token of some kind, but I really think you're making too much of this. You're human; you're not the only one who makes mistakes. I would really try to move on. Take this from someone who always over-apologized in the past and is learning that small mistakes are entirely forgivable and should, after a sincere apology, should be forgotten by both parties. And even if you don't FEEL that way, you can BEHAVE that way.
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            Don't beat yourself up over this. Everyone forgets things from time to time, and if I were the client, I don't think I would be very upset at all. I would just apologize and offer them a small discount.


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              I know if people ask me when I'm not in my work setting, it slips my mind much more easily. It's like when I'm at work I have a post it note in my brain that gathers all the info, and at home all the sticky stuff is worn off lol.

              Don't feel bad, I'd write the note, or make a big deal of it when they return saying I'm sorry. If they're human they'll understand that you are too. I'd give them a hefty discount. However much you think they're worth to you. Maybe the whole thing, maybe 50%, you know best. It depends on how guilty I feel. I've done both. In fact I'm doing it on Saturday cause I wrote the wrong date on their appt card so they came in a week early. I'm going to give them $10 off I think on a toy poo grooming. No biggie, but it's a nice gesture and I'm sure they'll appreciate it. Just something to get you back in their good graces. This gesture lets them know that you're not a shoddy business person, just human. Let us know how it goes.
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                I have done something similar. I booked an appt. for "tomorrow" which for some reason I thought was on a Saturday. It was for Friday, well Friday I went out and my husband was leaving for work when the customer shows up. He called my cell and I felt like a crumb! So she did come back on Saturday and I gave her 50% off and apologized like crazy!


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                  We board as well and once had an employee that assumed that a new customer was not going to show and left 10 minutes before we closed. We not only ate the price of the stay but also threw in a free bath and playgroups as well. I have to say that in the boarding business, that is (and was for us) a cardinal sin since, as you mentioned, flights, etc. are involved. I also sent an apology after and the customer has since returned, as a paying one! When we initially bought our business, if everyone had checked in or out and it was a "quiet" day, we would close and/or let staff leave. Now we strictly adhere to our hours no matter what. When we are closed and are in the office, I am amazed at how many customers, potential customers etc. still come by. Our hours are on our sign, our voice mail and web site and yet many people still are oblivious. As I mentioned, it happened to us and I now view sticking to posted hours a sign of professionalism. I think an important key to success is to always try and see your business from your customer's perspective and to over correct for genuine mistakes.


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                    Well, Sheila, after I give you 30 lashings with a wet noodle, will you remember next time?

                    While some folks are saying it's a small mistake, I would consider it a big one (if it happened to me, anyway). ONLY because they had flights scheduled, and yes, Atlanta is stressful, lol. I would definitely do something nice of your choice.

                    Now, even though I think this was a bigger mistake, it could have been worse. Don't beat yourself up over it, just make up for it. We all make mistakes, if they decide to hold it against you forever, that is their choice. I don't think you'll have that problem though.

                    Tammy in Utah
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                      Also the reason it probably happened is because, "if I am already there, somtimes, etc, etc, etc." Obviously, you were making an exception, it's not like you just blew it off, or diagnosed yourself with "rectal glaucoma" you know, "just couldn't see getting your ass in there". You made an exception to your regular practices, got out of your routine, and **** happened. So either decide not to make exceptions or make a better procedure for when you do make exceptions. For this time, send them some little nice thing and move on. Don't jump a cliff for one mistake, just make sure it doesn't happen again.


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                        First, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Your self employed and have a hundred million things on your mind.

                        If I were you, I wouldn't charge for the boarding, but I would for the groom, or just give a discount or something. Then also apologize when they return and tell them it won't happen again.

                        If you feel that bad, maybe if it's not an inconvenience for them- call them on their trip to tell them their dog is ok and your very sorry.

                        I worked at a small boarding kennel and some people would request a call. Even if it were just leaving a message on their cell or something to tell them Fluffy was having a blast too, ate all her dinner and taking her regular naps and walks.


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                          they are good clients, and they will understand, but, i would make sure they understand, by doing a 50% discount. besides it will make you feel better, and back in control. ha


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                            By the title of the thread I was expecting to read something a lot worse. Don't sweat it, I'm sure you feel bad but there are things way worse to be horrified and appalled by! Maybe you could offer them a free groom as an apology, but I wouldn't go as far as offering free boarding, especially if they didn't make a huge deal about it.


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                              Thanks you guys!

                              I was really expecting to hear how unprofessional I was and get a couple chewing outs!!! It made me feel a lot better to read your responses. Ruggins, your rectal glaucoma almost made me spit out my

                              I think I will give them the boarding for free w/ a heartfelt apology. I think this will make my conscious feel a little clearer, and hopefully keep them as customers. Thanks for all the wonderful replies and advice!!
                              SheilaB from SC