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iVac power cord problems

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  • iVac power cord problems

    Hi gang, just read on another thread where some people have been having problems with their iVac power cord...

    Yep same here...I had the same problems, my first one gave out when the power cord got so loose that it would go side to side...(no not the the movie! LOL) I even tried holding in place to get a dog finished, well that resulted in me getting low-volt shocks! Well, that wasn't going to work!

    Anyway, it took about a month (yes I was not a happy camper when I called them to see where my unit was!) Any way. I got the upgrade...I got it back, plugged it in , and nothing! Nada, zip, darn thing wouldn't even TURN ON! So I called the company...sometimes I just hate dealing with the "help", sent the unit back, 2 weeks later...the second go around, the unit at least would turn on, but died shortly there after. This time, I called and talked with manager...and got a complete switch-out at Burbank. My new unit seems to be working very well, so far.

    Here is a little tip that nobody bothered to tell me the first couple of times....

    The iVac has a power cord that plugs in to the clipper, but when they first came out with the smaller cord [that just plugs in] ...the cord was attached to the hose with cable ties...this tends to twist in the unit because there is no play being attached to the hose...OK, a problem waiting to happen. They up-graded the cord, which is larger and has a locking screw thingy (you plug it in to the clipper, then screw the top thing down) has to be free moving and not attached to the hose too close to the clipper, like a foot away rather than a couple of inches. My original unit had a bad connection inside the housing.

    So my suggestion is that if you have an original unit with the small cord, undo the closest cable tie on your hose. If you have a unit that has the small cord and the unit has died, then send it in request the up-grade...human error messed up my connection the first time I got the up-grade, the new insert was not in as tight as it needed to be, would just spin around, the second time the thing was too tight, and died shortly there after due to no play in the cord and hose combo becuase of course I put them together as had the first unit...). The new up-grade the cord comes seperate from the hose. With my new changed out unit, I did mine up with a few velcro ties, but nothing too close to the unit. I find that every so often I do have to tighten down the screw lock, but the unit works great.

    Hope this helps.