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  • bleck and whew!

    This might be a double post. I'm not sure what happened with the original.

    I had to pre-clip 2 dogs last week and I was NOT happy about it. One was a bouvier and one was a beardie who's boarding. Not having to bathe and dry all that hair was nice, but I really dislike clipping dirty, clumpy, oily hair. I still have to bathe and finish the beardie when it goes home though. Preclipping both was not my choice. MY choice would have been to shave both naked. I don't like fighting knots to keep a matted pet in a longish coat just because they'd "look stupid". Whatever. Maybe the SBDC will one day finish giving me my needed numbers so I'll some day go mobile! It's like pulling teeth that have been superglued! 4 months wasted because of them!

    My whew! was having bathed 3 Huskies who were blowing coat today, and grooming an overdue-in-need-of-grooming, 10 yr old Great Pyrenees who deperately wanted to back off the table. He did a few times. The table was low enough and his loop was open so he never choked. I'm not about to fully catch a beast that weighs more than me by a long shot. I was doing him for a friend and I was really hoping to get a good groom with him, but it quickly turned into a "good enough" groom because of his age and growing stress level. He had sooooo much hair and packed undercoat. I bought the sampler pack of Best Shot specifically for him. I'm sure it did its job but it was really hard to tell given the amount of hair this guy had. Interesting scent though. Strong. It would be REALLY expensive to carry that brand. The shampoo was a 3-1 and the conditioner was a 1-1 ratio. That's a lot of shampoo and conditioner for a large undercoat-packed dog.

    Bleck...thanks for letting me vent...