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but i've already bathed him

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  • but i've already bathed him

    From time to time, i'll get a customer who call's only wanting the haircut part of the grooming, they (claim) to have already bathed their dog at home!

    Now I know this is "usually" an attempt to pay less for grooming but my question is..

    Do any of you accept this type of "Deal"??

    One place I worked at would still charge full price regardless if the dog got a bath or not but I can see the point where is should cost less..

    We're not using water, shampoo, electricity (dryers) etc.

    It's kinda similar to a Wash-n-Go.. Bath, nails, towel dry and send 'em home.

    any thought's, suggestions??


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    I cringe when an owner tells me they've bathed the dog at home.

    I never discount a groom because the owner has bathed the dog at home, just my personal policy. Half the time in a home bathed dog, the groom takes me more time because I have to undo the damage they've done by not drying properly, and also, there's absolutely no way they can get it as clean as I can using the hydro-surge.


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      If I know that the owner does a good job bathing their dog, not a problem. I charge them just for the cut.

      But there have a been a few that have not been washed as well and the hair cuts don't look as good as they should. I explain that to the owners, and then the next time they make an appointment, we bathe the dog.......


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        We always tell them that it's a packaged deal. Same goes for if they don't want the nails, or ears, etc. done. They still pay the same price. Most of the time they then say ok go ahead and bathe, they were just trying to save money. About the only ones that still decide to bathe at home are because of health problems. I think it generally takes longer anyway because the hair is not nicely dried usually. Plus, wear and tear on equipment.
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          Absolutely not.

          If someone tries to argue this deal we tell them there is no way we can make it look as good as it does when we bathe. Also, no discount because even though you are not using water and shampoo, you are spending more time trying to compensate for a poorly fluffed dog. They can take it or leave it.


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            Sign of a Difficult Client

            A comment along these lines to me is a red flag. We also have customers who ask if their dog can do half of a playgroup so they can pay less. Been down the road with the "bargainners" and won't waste another moment on them. Inevitably they will find other things to complain about and the relationship will go up in smoke at one point or another. Too many normal customers out there.


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              NO WAY! NO DISCOUNTS! I even have a client who has 5 poodles and 1 discount. I had a client the other day, an older lady, tell me she was going to start grooming the dog herself and asked me if I would just trim his head for her and do his feet and nails and undersides? I said so all you're going to do is his body right? the easy part? I quoted her full price...5.00 off if she does all of it, including her bathing him.. cheapo's lol


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                I don't take prewashed dogs either, I use to when I first started but they would come in still dirty, not combed out or still wet. Sorry no more, I do it all or nothing. If they say " I just bathed the dog yesterday" ...I say " well looks like it gets another one today too!!


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                  I have taken a few dogs that have already had a bath at home. The clients have never asked for a discount, and I have never offered them one. The couple of times I have done this the dogs are not as clean as I would have gotten them anyhow. I guess my clients just thought they were helping me out.
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                    Discounts for a bath with a full groom? Sure, if it's a smooth coated dachshund. Otherwise, no discount.

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                      there is actually one client that i do this for, a lhasa sized maltese. only because the previous groomer started it, the lady stays, and when the dog is done he is DONE. i guess she works over the road and the dog stays with her mom. mom kinda keeps him brushed and washed. he's always sparkling clean when he comes in sometimes he has matts and we just shave them. only twice has he gotten a full h/c usually its fft. but depending on his patience that day we do what we can, i don't think he could handle a full bath and groom w/o eating me. and as soon as he gets annoyed she takes him home apologizes and tips me generously. i charge her for whatever time i spent on him. she is always grateful and never complains, the only problem i have with it is that i'm allergic to the cologne she sprays on him.


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                        No discounts! We have one lady who bathed it at home & the dog came in filthy. So when people ask now, we tell them that it's a packaged deal and that we have to get the dog washed properly and dried properly with a HV dryer, etc. Otherwise we spend even more time straightening out hair, fluffing, and/or ruining our equipment on dirty dogs.

                        With the toenails, I tell them "It's a packaged deal, so I'll just go ahead and trim them!"


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                          The only time I do this is for know why! For dogs, I simply state the facts and that I choose to not operate that way. End of discussion.


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                            I only have one lady who baths her dog before brings it in, she thinks her baby might have a heart attack if someone else baths him, she begged me to charge her the full price, and said unless she could pay the full price, she would be too sorry to come. Of course I charge her full price all the time, how could I say no to a nice lady. Owners like her makes me feel like working in the groomers' heaven.


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                              I charge hourly, and the first hour is always double the others.
                              That is my minimum.

                              Even if I comb out the dog, do its nails, & clean its ears, its a base
                              rate minimum for that dog.
                              If you start this, I would be afraid pretty soon you may regreat it
                              if it gets around you will do this. Its only hurting your bottom line.

                              I don't sell shampoo either. There are plenty of places it can be purchased,
                              and I'm not selling myself out of a job.