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  • Yet another Groomer's Helper thread

    I just saw somewhere that Chuck would send a groomer's helper out for a month trial, cause it sells itself. Now, I am a bit of a skeptic, and am wondering if that's true. What if I don't have a bad dog in a month, does it help with every dog, or just the troublesome ones? How about cats, most of my cats are fine. I have a couple know, they slink off the table if you're not scruffing them the entire time. Just wondering if it's worth trying out for a month, or if I'd just end up kicking myself cause it's one more thing I'd have to mail back.
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    It is very worth the free trial! You will find it useful with every dog. Think of the ones that like to spin around, maybe you have to chase them around the table a bit? Or the few that might be a bit troublesome for nail trims? Maybe the chubby cocker that constantly wants to sit.
    Or the ones that hang their heads in the way when you are trying to trim their front legs.
    You don't need a bad dog, NO dog is perfect and you can benefit from the GH with every dog you groom!
    The free trial is easy, you will just save the box, it has a return label in it. Just tape it back up, put the label on and send it back. BUT you won't want to send it back! LOL
    All the dogs I groom are hooked to the GH. They learn and they realize it's time to stand still. I've trained some big time sitters with the GH, they learn to stand.
    It's great!


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      Definitely worth trying!! Even if you don't have "bad" dogs, it helps w/any of them that are less than perfect for the groomer. It also helps w/the kitties. One thing about it is it does take some to get used to (like any new equipment). I still have to readjust the positioning and work around the thicker teather, but I wouldn't want to work w/out it again!
      SheilaB from SC


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        It helps with all dogs because it stops spinners and nippers, it keeps them from turning and putting their face on your hand or the clippers and scissors (you know the ones who have to see what your doing every second.) Helly wrote another post about how she uses it on cats but I have done a cat since grooming school so I don't know how to do that.


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          Yes it's true, and if you call Chuck he'll give you all the details.

          I don't know about you, but I can't imagine going a full month without having one dog throw a hissy over having his nails done (had 3 of 'em just yesterday), a dog that didn't spin, a dog that didn't think his rear legs would hold him up so he just HAS to sit, a cocker or golden that hangs his head. I also can't imagine grooming another dog without the GH, much less go a full month without it. I use it on every dog. Not only does it cut down on the struggling, I think it makes most dogs feel more secure. It gives them boundries. And I know it makes both of us safer.

          The GH is also great for the slinky cats. If you adjust it right, so they can just curl their toes over the edge of the table, but can't go any further, most of the slinkers are just as happy as pigs in mud.

          And one last consideration; how many products do you see me rave about? Not many. I only rave about things that I really believe are the best things available for the job. And the Groomer's Helper is at the top of the list. And the opposite side of the coin; how many times have you seen someone post that they ordered a Groomer's Helper, it didn't work as promised, they didn't like it, and sent it back?


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            I will pay the shipping back!

            Dear ejmj30,

            We use it on every dog and cat everyday. Just like when we get into a car we "Buckle Up" It is just normal to hook them up first. It is not just for difficult dogs and cats in fact it helps us cull out the difficult ones and replace them with the good ones. It calms the pets so the grooms are less stressfull and easier. It still reduces the bite radius by 90% for that abberation when your "Good Dog" turns to the dark side.

            The Groomers Helper is a safety and positioning system that allows you to be hands free. It allows you to groom more comfortably and securely. As Beth says, "It almost makes grooming enjoyable again".

            It's not the "Biters" its the "Fighters". It cuts down the unnecessary dancing, prancing, spinning, moving away, sitting, head dropping, scratching, repositioning and you can complete the grooms faster and easier.

            We do not realize how much we struggle (reposition pets) everyday because we do it as normal behavior everyday so we think that it is not out of the ordinary until we see what it is like not to have to.

            The top groomers and grooming schools in the world have the same problem in handling difficult pets as we do. They have recognized the value of the Groomers Helper and most will not groom or teach without it.

            Why not try it? It is totally free. No shipping charge to you or from you. Just think in trying to prove me wrong you might be freed from a life of unnecessary fighting, struggling, repositioning, etc.

            Over 7,000 units have been sold. With the "Money Back Guaranttee" only 18 units have been returned in six years. When groomers try it they don't give them back. As Helly said in a previous post, "Try and get my Groomers Helper. You will have to pry it from my dead cold fingers". She means it.

            Rome was not buit in a day. It take a long time to convince the Grooming Hardliners that this product does what it claims it does. The proof is you. You have been a poster on this board for years and have heard about it's value but are still skeptical. Not a great frame of mind to try a product but I still believe that it will help you tremendously.

            Joe Viliani, owner of the Nash Academy in North Jersey and a IJA Grooming Contest Judge says that the Groomers Helper is changing the way we all (the Grooming Industry) groom. That is a powerful statement.

            So call me at 1-866-987-2426 and I will ship you one with no obligation and no cost. The only thing you have to loose is the day to day stress and struggle no matter how insignificant it is to you it adds up in the long run.

            I look forward to your honest opinion once you have tried it.



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              Erin, it's not just for "bad" dogs, it's for the dogs that are good but like to spin around, look at everything, "warning" nip at you when doing something they don't like, for dancers, for dogs that like to lay down on the table, dogs that like to hang their heads, dogs that wont let you de-mat certain areas, even though you know you're not only not hurting them, but that the mats aren't that bad (You know how those schnauzers are).

              Do you honestly have dogs that just stand there? Little statues? I worked at a shop that had the best dogs in town, but even then I felt vulnerable, and some did try to nip at me---I hated that. It's the vulnerability I don't like.

              And of course it's true, Chuck backs up the Groomers Helper 100%----and I will back that up myself. He's on here all the time, I bet he'll respond if he's not at a show.

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                If you go a whole month without having a "bad" dog, I want to come work for you, lol! If you have dogs that are difficult for nails, for example, you will be glad to have the "helper". Even those that you are able to get with a little struggle, will be done so much quicker. Its great for using for new dogs when you don't know how they will act to different procedures. It's a little bit of a safety net for sure.

                Honestly, I know that there are groomers that use it on every dog. I am not one of them. I do use it very often, however, and would be upset if it wasn't there for me to use when I need it.

                I definitely think its worth a try. If you don't like it, maybe there's another groomer in your area that would so you wouldn't have to send it back. The "beginner" one is small, so it wouldn't be a pain to mail back.
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                  Erin, it's an even better deal than I originally thought---you don't have to pay the shipping from OR to him, that is QUITE the deal (my husband and I HATE paying shipping costs, lol).

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    Originally posted by SpikeyTheYorkie View Post
                    Erin, it's an even better deal than I originally thought---you don't have to pay the shipping from OR to him, that is QUITE the deal (my husband and I HATE paying shipping costs, lol).

                    Tammy in Utah
                    I know it get's ridiculous! Sometimes shipping is practically more expensive than the item that you buy!
                    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                      I remember when I did my 'test' dog for the shop that I am at now, and I didn't have my GH with me. I felt like I could barely groom! And all the while I smiled and was like oh good boy while the dog jump, spun, and swiveled. I use my groomers helper on about 90% of my dogs. Even the 'good' ones. It can just simply help them stand straight. I wouldn't work with out it. I could use a new noose tho (hm, maybe that'd be a nice contest prize LOL). So, a free trial - DO IT! I'd even wear a shirt that says "I heart my groomers helper!".


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                        Opps Frey Opps Lay - Free Loops!

                        Dear GroomerGrl,

                        Where do you live? Will you be going to any grooming shows that I will be at?

                        I usually give a free loop and a drawing for a Groomers Helper at each show for members of PetGroomer.Com board. Check out my tradeshow schedule to see if I will be at a location near you.

                        Otherwise the loops are pretty inexpensive.



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                          I was given the part that is on your regular grooming loop to try, and I do use it...but I can't see how it revolutionizes everyone's day, like you all say. However, I am willing to try it out. Now I'm just nervous that I'm going to get this thing, and have to buy 3 of them. Then what am I going to do??? You people who are "forcing" me into this are going to have to chip in, darn it! I think I'll wait a couple weeks til I get this interviewing thing out of the way, so I can concentrate on that, and then bring on the GH!!! Maybe I'll have it right in time to either return it at Intergroom, or buy the other 2, lol.
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                            Piping in

                            I was out of town for a few days, come back and see Groomers Helper in the first unread thread. Well here I go.

                            If you buy the deluxe set you can shift the extra pieces around as needed using the two basics that come with it for many dogs. Bottom line is for 3 stations, you could do very well with two deluxes, or even one deluxe and one starter depending on your dogs.

                            Now all the wonders for stopping twirlers, possible biters, head bobbers etc. is great. But I add many a time that fact the the dog won't fall off the table even if you simply bend over to pick up a fallen brush (you know that happens). Then there is the fact that it the loop is not pulling against the trachea - so no collapsing tracheas or even choking dogs gasping as they pull on a standard loop.

                            Chuck just wants the skeptical to get past the skepticism and enjoy a better grooming life. He's willing to go an extra mile plus to get the happy thankful groomers.
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                              I got my Groomer's helper last night. I used it today. Most Awesome thing EVER!!!!!! My boss has one that I've had to borrow occasionally so I felt confident in using mine. First dog was a cocker. I've groomed Coal for a year now, and every 6 weeks he bites me. We fight, fight, fight to get his groom done. He always gets the muzzle off..... bites the human helper. Just freaks out. Today he was my first "test" subject. I didn't get bitten, he did try and he had about 2 minutes of actual freaking out. I also did not need an extra human to help me. Thank you Chuck!!!!!! You are my HERO!!!!! I'm with Helly, pry it from my dead cold fingers. My second dog was a sweet chow that keeps dropping his butt. Problem solved, no more dancing or dropping. Third dog of the day was a pappillion that ended up biting one of the bathers. I had to use the catch pole to get him out of the cage. Got him on the table, put him in the Groomer's Helper and I groomed him. I did not get bitten, and I can say today was a very, very good day.