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  • Fake Tail?

    Has anyone made a fake tail with fur you leave? I have on a cocker and a few curly dogs. This dog ( good Yorkie) had no tail...I tried to fake one, but it didn't work. I swear I could not find that little spot under her tail Anus. I said to're not real are you? You don't have a h--- there, you're a robot dog. She was so cute and good...maybe she was!!!Peoplke really like it when you can make a fake tail though.....Any suggestions on how to make it better?

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    i do fake tails on aussies. for some reason none of them have anything left around here! so they're always really messy back there. i shave up an inch and half to two inches past the hole, give a good shave around, clear out any skirt below. then i use my thinners to carve a lil tail way above the hole. keeps em cleaner and on some i think it improves the overall outline too.