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Well, I've been at the new job a week now

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  • Well, I've been at the new job a week now

    I posted last week that I was finally leaving my old job of 5 years duration, which had just gotten unbearable, and was starting a new job this past Monday.
    Well, YIPEE! I am soooo glad I finally got my butt in gear and made a move. I really like this place. The atmosphere is so much less stressful, the people are all very friendly and helpful, and I'm just so thankful that I got this job. They seem to be pretty pleased with me too
    The girl that was grooming there before me is now working there as a receptionist, and I think she's as happy with the move as I am, and has been a great help to me in just getting their procedures straight, where the files go, what to do as far as grooming the boarding and treatment animals, and all that yucky paperwork type stuff.
    Yesterday I shaved down a cat that had been sent home from Petsomething as ungroomable without sedation. The vet examined him, and he acted OK, so he asked me if I was willing to try him . I said sure, and with a vet tech helping me, we got that baby done, no problem.. I was happy, the vet was happy we didn't have to knock the kitty out, the owner was happy, and even the cat was happy....kind of.
    Now I've got the weekend off...did I mention this is a Monday - Friday position? WOO-HOO!

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    Yeah for you!!!

    I know it can be a little odd being the new person, but it sounds like your adjusting very well and everyone seems to be pleased! That's great!

    Keep up the good work and I'm sure I'll be reading about you here someday as the new Boss!


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      Thanks, MMP, but I have to say I have NO desire to be the boss of anyone, except whatever pup happens to be on my table. BTDT, don't want to do it again. No, I'm the only groomer at the clinic on the days I work (they have a woman who just works Saturdays) and that suits me just fine.
      The shop I just left had 4 groomers, and 3 bathers, and most of the time was total chaos. Laid back, peace & quiet is much more my style. The clinic itself is busy, there's four vets, but I have my own little grooming room. If I want excitement, I can just wander over to the hospital area to see what's going on...and then go back to my nice quiet area.
      This is OT, but this place does a lot of work with different rescue groups, not just dogs and cats, but other critters too. There's a huge Macaw, that lives in the manager's office, along with another smaller green parrot that's pulled all his chest feathers out. And they have these two huge tortoises that live in a fenced area in the back yard during the warmer months and inside in the winter. Well yesterday, it wasn't warm enough for them to be outside yet, but with the longer days, I guess they're starting to fell a little livelier(during the winter they pretty much just eat and sleep) and they were just ambling around the hospital area for part of the day,it was a riot. These things are about twice the size of bowling balls. It was so funny to see them walking around.


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        Oh that is just awesome! It sounds just like my situation! Music if I want, peace and quiet if I don't---which is usually the case! If I want action I go to the treatment area, if I want peace and quiet, it's back to the groom room.

        I haven't ever enjoyed a job more than this, and it makes it even better to have great employees that trust your judgement and skills. I get SOOO many new clients thanks to the vet techs that toot my horn for me, lol. Just got a new client yesterday from this. It sounds like a dream to me!

        Eventually, if you get really busy, maybe you can rent the space and make it YOURS!

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          Yeah! That's so great!
          And, boy would it be great not to have to work on Saturday!
          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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            So Happy for you AuntieM!

            Sounds like my situation too! No one breathing down my neck or pushing for more. I can play my music and groom.

            I'm glad your move was successful. Best of luck to you in the new job!


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              And what am I doing on my Saturday off?

              Well I did get my laundry and housecleaning done, but for the most part, I'M HANGING AROUND ON THE GROOMING BOARDS!!
              Yes, I definitely need help.