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  • Feuding clients

    I have to say I do think this is sort of funny in a way. I groom for 2 sisters, one has 2 shih tzu's - the other has one shih tzu. Well apparently they got into it a few wks back and call me to make sure the other sister will NOT be there when their dog has an appt. They are the cutest set of elderly southern women and it cracks me up! I hope they make up soon, I dont want them to accidentally get booked on the same day and go to war in my lobby! LOL

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    That's too funny! I have the opposite situation. I groom for 2 sisters, one will call to book, and then the other one will call right after she does and wants hers done on the same day.


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      This will confuse em

      Schedule the same day but far apart so one leaves with her dogs first. Give the second one a little gift. Maybe a zanie for the dog and say it's from the first one...a little I'm sorry gift. Maybe they will make up, if someone makes the first move.Or give each a gift from the other, and an I'm sorry note Printed so you can't tell handwriting. Am I a deb bull ? Welll, maybe it would work.