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  • Puppy with Mats

    We had in a shih tzu puppy with mats. Now he is like 10 months old and I know he is losing his puppy coat, but the mats were really bad--they obviously don't brush him.

    My question is, I remember reading on this board about a product that you can put in the dogs hair when its in the tub that works wonders in getting these mats out. (I did a search, but couldn't fine it.) Does anyone know the name of this product? I am going to buy it asap to keep on hand!

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    I have D Mat that I use the slicker brush with while the coat is saturated, but I know I have heard of better stuff...D Mat Kava?? Cant' remember.


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      Tropiclean demat

      Bad news it only comes in a 2 gal. Expensive, but I know a groomer who claims you can put em right in the tub. Its' a creamy conditioner. It worked the one time on Halle but I had alreadybrush-burned her hock a widdle bit. She did have a few little tangles after HV dried. That is the product they were talking about.I"m planning to get some now that bus is picking up. It will be actually very warm this weekend....sorry to tell ya,it is gorgeous here. All the OAYs are calling.


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        Best Shot conditioner is really good. Plus I really like Espree's conditioner, forget the name, but I've found it works good on those thick coats like shelties and bouvs.
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