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    We have got to be the luckiest groomers here in San Diego County, the vets here are awesome! A lot of times you hear how the groomers and vets don't get along, that is so untrue around here. Totally the opposite. They're great. Almost every day I get a compliment from one of them around here. All the vet techs and groomers working at vets offices around here, give them a pat on the back!

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    That's great! I feel the same way here. We refer to several in our area, and several refer to us! A lot of owners really like that a vet recommends them because they feel more confident in our ability...they think, hey is the vet said we're ok, we must be!
    Their is one vet in my area that we don't like as much, lol. We've heard a couple things that they've said of us (I know you can't believe everything that you hear). But myself and some of my coworkers have had personal problems with him. Not to mention he's an older vet, and some of his methods are pretty old school, and not the good kind, lol.
    But all in all, I really like the vets in my area, and we have a great working relationship. All of my coworkers use all of the vets that we refer to, and I think that people like to hear that!
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      I have some great vets in my area as well!! The best one just retired, bummer for us, good for him!!! I met the vet that bought his practice and he seems pretty awesome too!
      SheilaB from SC


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        We've got a lot of poorly trained groomers in my area, along with some well-trained ones, and I think the poorly trained ones are the ones who caused a problem with some vets in our area. The vets I work with are awesome but there is a vet in town who blames "everything" on grooming. It's kind of a joke that if this vet finds a dog with cancer, the cancer was probably caused by grooming! lol

        I'm hoping to really get the business growing here in the next 2 years, and go around to other vets and get to know them...this is for the future, right now it's just on my list of things to do!

        Tammy in Utah
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