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Please give me your opinion on different stand dryers

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  • Please give me your opinion on different stand dryers

    I am looking to invest into another good stand dryer, but there are so many out there it gets very mind boggling (not that it takes much to boggle my When I first opened I had a stand dryer (don't remember which model), but it was more trouble than it was worth. It was easy to tip over, overheat and the arm was not that easy to maneuver. I want one w/temp and air force control that hopefully is not overly loud, (though I will take a loud one if it compromises the power) and that is easy to adjust the blower arm.

    Right now I have a K-9 II, a Metro dryer that I have a clamp arm and can use as a table dryer, and a 2 Oster table dryers. The Osters are okay for "touch ups" and skittish animals because they are quiet and not so powerful. The Metro is pretty good, except it only gets warm when it is on full force. If I turn the volume down the air gets ice cold.....I don't like super hot air, but ice cold is not so great The K-9 II is just used to HV the biggies and can't really be used for finishing drying or stretch drying. Any suggestions, opinions and input would be great!!! Oh, $400 is about the most I want to spend....Thanks!!!
    SheilaB from SC

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    Me too! I want to know the best one. Right now, number one on my list is Edemco. I can't remember the prices off the top of my head, but I want the same things, temp and force control.
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      look into

      The double k stand dryers are pretty good.
      The round ones, not the square ones.
      Good power, nice temp, not so loud.


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        double-k also!!!very few problems and the company is good to work with.


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          I have an Oster stand dryer. No complaints. It was under 400 bucks, I don't find it loud so nobody freaks when I use it on them, and you have 4 different temp. settings. I used the same ones at other places I've worked and they seem to go on running forever.


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            Had a Double K 850XL (may have been 860, can't remember the number) stand dryer. It was a very good dryer and I would buy another one over anything else. Had sold it because I got out of grooming for awhile. No problems at all just routine changing of the brushes which my husband did. I have a Double K 2000 right now for home and love that one too. Very satisfied with Double K.


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              I have an Oster stand dryer I got at a garage sale for $10.


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                I have the Oster stand dryer and have never had any problems with it. I've had it for 15 yrs.

                What ever you do, do not get the Metro Air Force Top Gun!!! It is terrible. I don't have it anymore. Bad design and everything. I can't say anything good about that dryer.
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                  I love my Bonat (Speedy/Rapid Electric) Rocket Dryer. Very easy to adjust. The nozzle swivels well. Has a hot-warm-cool setting. They last forever too. Maybe a bit over $400, but worth every cent IMO.
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