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wet clipping and reverse clipping

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  • wet clipping and reverse clipping

    Hi have 2 questions what is wet clipping and how is it done and also what is reverse clipping I thought you could'nt clip a dog in reverse I've read many posts and these 2 things are metioned can someone please explain these be very gratefull Thankyou

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    Wet clipping is a technique for stripping matted pelts quickly. It's pretty simple.

    Do a quick bath to get the coat wet and to remove the worst of the dirt and grime. Wrap the dog in a towel and transfer to your table. A towel under the dog to catch the drips is ok, but not necessary. Then just clip the dog, using whatever blade it takes to get under the mats.

    Once the mats are off, put the dog back in the tub and give him a good scrub. Rinse and finish as usual.

    The advantages? You can see what you're doing better. The clipping goes easier, and doesn't take as much time. You can usually use a longer blade, leaving a bit more coat. Your blades won't get hot.

    Be sure to use cordless clippers or plug your clipper into a GFIC. Keep your clipper with the blade pointed down, so no water can run into the motor. Dry and oil your blades when you're finished to prevent rust.

    Reverse clipping is just that; clipping against the growth instead of with it. Be sure you identify exactly what direction the hair is growing, so you don't cross cut. It leaves a smoother, plush finish with no lines if done correctly. You'll need to use a longer blade when clipping in reverse. For example, if you'd use a 7 with the growth, use a 4 against.

    Reverse clipping is especially suitable for snap on combs.


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      Wet clipping helps on really matted dogs. You wash them as normal but don't towel dry. Transfer to your table wet and start trimming. The mats hang from the weight of the water and so its much easier to get your clipper through. Most wet shaves are 7's but coat will be longer than a 7 when its dry, I usually finish with a 3or4 reverse. You may have to wash them again when you finally get that coat off. I usually do since the mats trap the gunk under it and you can't always get the skin clean.

      Reverse is just that, clip in reverse. Some people think that it messes the coats up if you reverse cut. I have not found that. Yes takes a little longer but makes a nice plush finish. I find that certain areas of the dogs I have to stretch the skin so it flatter. Reverse clipping with comb attachments will help layer the hair on drop breeds nicely. I usually clip my cats in reverse as well. I never use skip blades in reverse.


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        Wet clipping is a way to clip severely matted dogs. You wash them the best you can, rinse, put them on the table still wet and clip the mats off. Sometimes it salvages length, other times it just helps the matting come off easier.

        Reverse clipping works great, especially for fine coats like yorkies, shih tzu's, etc. It gets them more even. Just like it sounds, follow the lay of the hair just in reverse. If you don't follow the lay of the hair it will leave lines.

        I've had a hard time blending in skirts when going in reverse, it helps to turn the blade around and blend it going with the lay of the hair, but I still have trouble with it.


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          Wet shaving is used for matted dogs. Wet them down or bathe them first then while they are still sopping wet, shave them. It goes thru easier and leaves the dog slightly longer.

          Also reverse clipping is fine. You were taught to never reverse clip probably because the blades leave the hair a certain length. Like a #3 is a half inch. Going in reverse with a 5/8's blade leaves the hair around a half inch. Not exact, but close. It's easier on a lot of dogs...

          Also the snap on combs were made to be used in reverse. If you ever notice that using an "A" with the growth of hair doesn't leave it an inch, it leaves it longer. Going in reverse with an "A" leaves the hair and inch.


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            I'm not a pro of wet shaving, I'm still too stubborn to make myself do it regularly. Plus I don't have the GFI thingie installed so I'm a little afraid to push it.

            Reverse clipping, however, has changed my grooming life forever! I LOVE it. I do it on 98% of the dogs I groom. I learned about it almost 2 yrs ago, and haven't looked back since. I use a CV and that really helps pick up the hair with snap ons and reverse clipping. Start trying it, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!
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              A reverse 7f on a schnauser looks great and really sharpens the lines!


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                Everything has been explain just fine. I just wanted to tell you that it is well worth it to learn to do both of these techniques. I think they are both great!!!!
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                  can't wait to try rev clipping

                  A BIG Thankyou to everybody for answering my questions it has helped a lot I can"t wait to try wet clipping and reverse clipping .


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                    Let us know how it works out, and just a second little reminder about the electricity outlets---nothing like a dog whose hair stands up on end, LOLOLOL

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