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Wet shave with corded clipper

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  • Wet shave with corded clipper

    There's a dog I would like to wet shave in my Sprinter tomorrow. I do not have a cordless clipper. Is it safe to use my corded Andis on a wet dog? Could it harm the dog or damage my van?

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    Electric and water don't usually mix. Your Andis Clippers are grounded by the plug into your Sprinter and if a conductive obstruction(the water) should interfere,the breaker will trip on the circuit you are plugged into.I don't know the layout of Mobile electric but I would hope that the outlets are GFCI and able to cope quickly with an electrical disruption(as they are designed to do)


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      It is my corded Andis that I use. When I did the cockers that I posted and groomed yesterday, the clippers were very wet. I was a little worried about it, but there hasn't been a problem.


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        If you plug into a GFIC there's no problem, as far as the electicity and water are concerned. If you don't have a GFIC you can buy one at a hardware store, pluc it into your regular outlet, then plug your clipper into that.

        When you stop and think about it, why aren't they putting GFICs on all our equipment cords? Ever have a dog snap and almost bite the clipper or grinder cord? They put 'em on people hair dryers. Why not put 'em on clippers and such?

        The other thing to remember is to keep your clipper pointed down, so no water can run into the motor. Any kind of liquid in the clipper's motor is not good for it.

        AND...dry and oil your blades when you finish to prevent rust.


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          Don't do it in the tub!

          If you are using a corded clipper take the dog out of the tub. I put them on my table with a 30 x 30 sheet of paper on it(plastic backed banquet table clothes from the Dollar store). I roll up the sheet with the wet hair in it. Hang onto it until the dog has been approved by the owner. I take a before and after pic if a dog has any pre-existing condition, i.e. matts. If the owner barks about you taking off all the hair you have it to show the owners the structure and content of matts. If the customer gives any hint of being letigious you have the matted coat to save in a plastic bag with pics and a signed waiver.
          But the answer again is...Not in the Tub if using a corded clipper. If you drop it into a puddle you and the dog could be hurt.