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Grrr. need 2 vent (long)

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  • Grrr. need 2 vent (long)

    Ok so my boss's friend (used to be our bather)comes in today with her evil Shih Tzu Damain. Instead of making an appt she just comes on back and stars chit chating with my manager. I come back for lunch and she's on the floor brushing her evil dog with my new slicker brush that I just got and hadn't had a chance to use. I'm standing there just watching her with my mouth open. She then takes my clippers and shaves her dog's sani's. She then looks up and say "oh I had to use your clippers".
    I said don't use my stuff again, apparently she "forgets" while she's bathing her dog. She goes to brush him out after he is dry with my brush again. the little ****** bites my brand new brush. Only had it for 2 wks and it now has teeth marks on the handle.

    I know I need to be more assertive about stuff like that, but I just couldn't believe it ( I should have taken the brush out of her hand, but I was dumbfounded ).

    I can't say anything to our grooming manager it's her best friend. So I went to the store director, and told her. She goes in and lies about corp. coming and tells our old bather to scat. I hate doing stuff like that but it was easier than making a scene.

    Is it just me or are other people anal about their stuff. I mean what if she had dropped my clippers, broke a blade,dropped my sisccors, ect.
    Normally if someone ask I don't mind letting them borrow, but she didn't ask!

    Plus her dog is a evil evil thing, screams the whole time he's there, bites her and other people, and absolutly hates having his haircut. The other groomers there don't charge her (apparently their ok with missing fingers, I'm not). It makes me wonder how stupid can people be!
    Never gonna know if you never even try

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    If somebody needs to borrow something, the least they can do is ask. As far as my clippers & scissors go, I am apprehensive about lending them out at all. Maybe it is anal, but I don't care; I need my clippers & scissors and if they get dropped it's a pain in the butt to send them away, there isn't a good sharpener around here. Doesn't sound like she'd offer to pay to sharpen something if she dropped it, either. She had alot of nerve picking up any of your stuff and using it without asking you.


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      nope i dont let no one use my stuff,unless its an emergency,and they ask first,they arent going to give you money to get your stuff sharpened or fixed if it breaks,and its not just groomers who are this way,our equipment is our livlihood,and its expensive,my hubbys in construction,he says it the same way in his line of work dont mess with another mans tools,my friends brother is a chef at a high end restaurant he says no one better even touch his knives,i would definately tell your dont want her friend or nobody for that matter touching your tools


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        Sounds like you work for a Pet-something. I was at a PetsMart for about 5 years, two as a grooming manager. There would be no way ANYONE who was not an employee would be allowed to go behind that counter, let alone use the facilities! All stores are run differently, depends on the store director, but I'll tell you right now that it's COMPLETELY against company policy to allow that to go on. Corporate would have a complete fit, and someone would be in deep **** over something like that if they found out.

        As for the ex-employee, why doesn't she use her good buddy's equipment?! Next time she comes in and helps herself to your equipment, smile sweetly and say, "I'm very fussy about my equipment being used by anyone other than myself. Sorry, I just have a thing about that, but I'm sure ________ (name of her inconsiderate friend) would be more than happy to lend you her things."

        This is why I now work alone- I don't play well with others!LOL


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          The place where I work has bandana's and really ****** bows so iI sit at home at night and make my own bows. I have them at my station with my name on them and the weekend staff always uses them. I won't mind once in awhile but every Monday I come in and have no bows. Guess I'll need to start taking them home. I don't leave my other equipment there but I'm sure they would use them also if I did. I don't mind letting someone use something if they need it but would like to be asked first.