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  • Wahl comb length....

    I currently use Romani combs. With Romani combs, the length on the comb represents the actualy length the hair will be when using the CV. I just received the wahl metal combs yesterday.

    Is it correct to assume, that just as in blades, the length left by the wahl metal combs will be shorter (perhaps 1/2 inch) than the lenght indicated on the comb when used with the clipper vac?

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    I have no idea about the new wahl combs or usings them with a clipper vac but I have the Laube combs and the numbers on them have no correlation to the length they leave.


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      Yes and Yes. Meaning: The wahl comb lengths are different than all other combs I have found. I used to use Laube and the Wahl cut closer even though it is the same letter and measurement. Also, these measurements are done without a vac system so you must go one size longer (I find that generally to be about 3-5mm if you keep you vac on a lower speed).

      For the Wahl metal combs go by the mm length. My other discovery has been that although blades and most combs give you length of hair left by going against the grain the Wahl metal combs are more accurate to measurement going with the grain.

      Hope this helps :-)