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  • This is a good one!!!

    As some of you may know, I have a Boxer named Jessie (she's in my avatar). I got Jessie 3 1/2 yrs ago from a friend who had gotten her from their neighbor who had to file banckrupcy and move to CA. My friend had her for over a year (I boarded her much of that time) when she decided to give her to me. She was going through a divorce and couldn't handle all the animals. So, anyway for 4 yrs or so Jessie has been my CONSTANT companion. She is one of those dogs that we just bonded instantly. She goes to work w/me, she goes on errands w/me, she often goes on vacations w/me and my family. My hubby jokes that I have made an emotional cripple out of her, she paces and doesn't eat if I am gone for long. You get the idea, she is kinda of important to me (being facetious) and apparently I am important to her.

    Well, yesterday Lori (friend who gave her to me) told me that the origional owner is moving back to SC (he is divorcing now) and he WANTS HER BACK!!!!! I just looked at Lori and said, "yeah, that will happen...NOT"!!!! I just can't believe the NERVE of someone who thinks they can just give a dog away and think they can take her back at their leisure. Then, being me, I have been stewing about it and now I am a little worried, could he have a legal precedent for this if he still has her origional papers?? I wouldn't think so and if push comes to shove I will hand him a 4 yr boarding bill/vet bills and see how he can cough up that kind of

    Anyway, I just needed to vent, and you can bet that I will be keeping a closer eye than usual eye on Jessie, in case he takes a mind to snatch her....the jerk!!
    SheilaB from SC

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    Geez, I would hope that he doesn't have legal precedent, but I really don't know. My younger beagle Penny we got a little over a year ago. We were dog sitting for the owner, and we grew very attached. Come to find out their daughter was very allergic to her and they asked if we would like to keep her, and we did! They go to the same church as us, and they ask about her often. They show no desire to get her back, but sometimes I worry that they will decide they want her back. I sure hope that you have no problems. I mean it's not like it's only been a month. You have had her for 3 1/2 years!
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      I would think not, after all, isn't this called abandoment? I mean you have 4 years of vet bills. I would love to see Judge Judy take this case on! I can just see this idiot trying to make a sad case of divorce etc...and then Judge Judy getting frustrated and yelling something like (with her best New York accent) "Sir, do you really think that I care that you got divorced? You left a poor innocent animal behind b/c you were getting divorced and now after 4 years you want the dog back. Well guess what, it ain't gonna happen. Claim is for the defendant! Good Day!!!! (slam goes the gavel)

      You have nothing to worry about!!


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        I'd check into the local laws, according to my dad there's a law in VA stating that if you have a dog for 5 days its legally yours.


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          Don't worry about anything. He gave her away. He didn't ask your friend to board her. And even then if he hasn't been paying monthly bills for boarding there is a time limit where a dog is considered abandoned. You can check with your county on that one. Plus you have been taking care of her for 4 years with I doubt any phone calls from him to check on her. There is no legal pressidence on his part. You are the dogs owner and will be even if he tries to take you to court. He would never be able to get that dog back.

          But yes, do keep an extra close eye on her. But then if he does take her you can get him for theft.


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            That stinks. To give a dog away and come back 3 1/2 years later and expect the dog back? If he had to reemburse you for all the time boarded with you, plus vet bills and food I have doubts that he would pursue getting his dog back . It's just wrong to expect you & the rest of your family, who have totally bonded with her to give her back.


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              I'm not for sure on this but. You have 3 1/2 years of vet bills, feed bills, ect.. And the orginal owner hasn't coughed up a dime or had any contact with her. Then she is yours but talk to a lawyer. Good luck,

              We had something like this happen where I use to work. Our dog trainer Megan agreed to dog-sit a untrained "Wolf X" because the owner lost his house in a divorce. He says that he can't keep the dog where he's at and said "find Haas a good home". Well she does her's 2 years later he calls and says he wants the dog back at this point the dog very well tained. Sends a letter from a "lawyer" saying if she doesn't give him give dog back he'll sue her for everything she's worth. He comes to the store a week later and trys to take the dog out of his kennel. She grabs the dog and locks herself in the managers office. And calls the cops, the orginal owners tells this sob story (can't actually remember it). The cops say that the orginail owner gets the dog. so the vet pulls all her records for the dog some 3,000 dollars there and 500 in grooming reciepts. Dog goes home with Megan
              Called her lawyer the next day and the lawyer said "Rightfully he is ours and legally he is yours"
              Never gonna know if you never even try


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                He doesn't have a leg to stand on.....

                Don't stress about this, just make sure he can't have access to her. The law considers a dog a piece of property- is she licensed in your name? Tons of vet bills, etc. over the last 3 1/2 years? Then she's yours. He gave her away. Relax. :-)


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                  i know how frustraiting this is,i was in the same situation,with a cat a few years ago,i only had the cat for 3 months and she decides she wants it back after her brats accidentally killed the other one,i said no way take me to court,never heard from her again,i was scared she would try and break into my home though,but i really dont think you have anything to worry about,jessie is yours,and i think any court of law would see it that way too,i saw one of those judge shows a few years back,a man asked a friend to watch his shepard till he got back on his feet,he left the dog with him about a year,and he was suing for 5000,or the dog,the judge ripped him a new one and said he was lucky someone gave his dog a good home,if he wanted another dog to go get one


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                    In florida, you are considered the legal owner of an animal if you have been feeding it for 30 days (including if it is a stray or ferrel animal) and it is your legal responsibiliy to care for it, give it shots and medical care when needed. You don't have anything to worry about. :-)


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                      What a loser

                      Pretty typical behavior in our lovely throw away society, sad to say. Same old story...the dog is too much of a burden for various reasons, blah, blah, blah, so she gets passed around. I'm glad she ended up in your hands Sheila because she could have been abandoned some other way.

                      So this person expects you to just hand her over and be OK with it? How stupid is this guy? Well...he is a Ok, let's say you do hand her over, should you then just be on stand-by until the next time he decides on a whim he can't or won't deal with the responsibility? What a dork!!!! She's yours, head for the hills if you have to! Give us a call when you're on the lam. We'll take care of you both!! lol


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                        i believe that if you've had her for 30 days she is legally yours check with the humane society in your area and see what they say. just give him the bill for the 4yrs of boarding plus regular vet care and lets see how much he wants her!


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                          Some people just shouldn't have pets, and this guy sounds like one of them. Has he no regard about how the poor dog feels? Ya can't just pass a dog around. It's not like a lawnmower or something. You've got a great dog, and you will keep her! I would sleep in the car or on the street before I would abandon any of my guys. Hope this guy doesn't have human kids.
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                            Judge Judy did have a case somewhat like this, guess who won. NOT the ones who gave away the dog and then wanted it back.

                            I don't think you have anything to worry about. The other owner may give you a hard time but they don't have a case to stand on, IMO.
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                              Thanks you guys!!!

                              Reading your responses has made me feel sooo much better!!! Like I said, I am not overly worried, it is just one of those little "nagging" thoughts. If we go to court, I want Judge Judy!!!!! Luvkitties, I could hear her saying just that in a court case!!! LOL I love watching her make idiots squirm...hehe..
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