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  • Grossed out

    Y'all know me. I don't gross out easily. I can clean up a maggot infested dog and still eat fried rice for dinner. But I got grossed out today.

    Grooming an elderly Lhasa mix. She's an ornery old thing, just gets a #7 smoothie, and a #4 on her head. I noticed one of her back feet was swollen, and I decided early on I wasn't going to mess with it. Not even the nails. I'd just finish up the rest of her and have her owner take her to the vet to check it out.

    Well, as I was about finished with her, I had to pick that foot up to reposition her. And when I did, PLOP. Stuff just poured out of her foot. Blood, pus, and "stuff". It stunk to high heaven. OK, she's done! I'm done! We're all done, lol.

    Normally, that wouldn't gross me out. But it was just so unexpected. I figured she had injured the foot somehow. Maybe someone had stepped on it and broken a toe or something. I didn't really examine it, because she's ornery and old, and I didn't want to stress her out or have her throw a fit. I figured I'd just let her vet deal with it.

    Obviously, I was wrong. She had an abcess or interdigital cyst or something else nasty, and it burst. Glad she was the last dog of the day. After cleaning up that puddle of "stuff", I really didn't feel like putting another dog on the table until it had a chance to soak in disinfectant for a while. Like over night, lol.

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    Ooo, Helly, that is gross. I wonder if the "pop" relieved the dog of any pain? I had to laugh about your maggots/rice comment. ROFL, that is NASTY!!!

    So what did the owner say? Agree to take it to the vet? I hope so.

    Tammy in Utah
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      All I can say is EWWW.


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        Yeah, that sounds gross. I can't believe the owners didn't notice it. The dog had to have been limping or licking it or something. I wish owners could be more like us. If one of my dogs ever licked a spot for longer than normal I was searching for something that could possibly be wrong. I found a weed embedded in my mom's old dog that way. It was in his pad. He wasn't limping, just kept licking his paw.

        My ex used to look at me strange because I'll eat a sandwich and clean up poop at the same time. LOL.. He'd get sick just from looking at poop... It was hilarious..

        Also I just need to add that it's finally good to see ornery spelled right. Everyone I talk to about that word thinks it's anry or ahnry. I say ornery and people try and correct me...


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          ugh helly, that almost made me put my glass of wine down, i said almost!


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            I love popping things and having stuff come out. I dont know whats wrong with me, but I think its fun. On the other hand... I HATE poop. I cant smell poop without gagging. I can smell anal glands though.


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              Hmm is that correct spelling. It must have been something vile and you should have gotten battle money.

              When I was a teenager I was watching, caring for a neighbors Great Dane while they were out of town. The dog ended up with a giant jaw, so I walked her to the Vets. The Vet opened up a huge absess and the horrid stuff was coming out all stinking over. They noticed ia was a little white faced, well , yep I fainted. Luckily made it to a chair.

              Worked at a hospital too and could do all kinds of things and munch lunch. Only one case I had to leave the room and get back my blood flowing before I passed out, but gee I'll leave the details out here. That case wasn't about Dogs anyway.
              Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                Oh you are sooo funny.....

                I don't eat sandwiches and pick up poop at the same time, but if halle couldn't get out the closed dog door and left poop, I might get something to eat or drink first before I go get the kleenex to pick it up. My neighbor across the st. picked up some unknown dogs' poop off gravel by his driveway. With his bare hands! I go oooew...That has Ecoli on it. He didn't think it was a big deal....wonder when he washed his hands....did he forget and eat after that? He touched the door knob w/ dirty poopy hands. It was hard and sun-dried, but still. eeeewwwwuuuuuuuuu.Yuck. I would really be grossed out if ther Helly thing happened to me. Next time I see a swollen foot, I'm giving the dog back....immediately!!!!! Or a big fat something.unusual like that.Jax gets bumps that burst w/ blood, not puss and that is bad enough, he's mine...still yucky.Did the owner apologize? Say anything...take dog to vet asap?


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                  OMG That would have had me needing to be cleaned up the floor! Usualy these things hit us because of the surprise element.
                  The most gross thing that got me by surprise was when I was carefully clippering around the very matted potty patch area pre bath, when like 3 weeks of poop came shooting out like a fawcet had been turned on! it just kept on coming, and coming it had the girls in stitches because my face was just a picture! After clean up, it seemed like the whole anus and even vagina was pelted right over with tight matts, this poor guy cant have been going potty properly in a while. The vagina matts were pussy and this gloop was being wicked up around his anus was far worse than it first looked. Me...I went grey, almost threw up all over this little guy. The owner was told to kindly take this dog to a vet!! How they dont pick up on these problems I dont know!


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                    Helly, as soon as I saw the title I went to click on it, then I saw YOU wrote it and I was double curious. What in the world could gross out Helly???lol

                    About the fried rice comment. Last summer I had a day off, and was eating lunch at a sushi restraunt. I called Julia to ask her if she wanted me to bring her something, she said yes. While I was eating, she was calling me to tell me about a Chow she was woriking on. How badly he smelled, how matted he was, and the final discovery....yup, maggot butt!
                    I brought her a lunch of stir fried (I honestly didn't think about it). She was fine and was gobbling it up while I took a turn at the Chow. Our BATHER on the other hand was about to puke or faint or has worked w/us long enough now that she is a little less squeemish.
                    SheilaB from SC


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                      Originally posted by Raggs View Post
                      Yeah, that sounds gross. I can't believe the owners didn't notice it. The dog had to have been limping or licking it or something. I wish owners could be more like us. If one of my dogs ever licked a spot for longer than normal I was searching for something that could possibly be wrong. I found a weed embedded in my mom's old dog that way. It was in his pad. He wasn't limping, just kept licking his paw.
                      I'm not surprised the owners didn't notice it. She wasn't limping, it didn't look like she'd been licking it; there were no saliva stains or anything. She has a really hairy foot, so you couldn't see it easily. I noticed it when she was in the bath, but didn't realize just how swollen it was until I was drying her. She didn't act like it was causing her any pain at all. I just didn't think it was anything I wanted to mess with. Good thing, too, or it would have popped all over my hand instead of my table.


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                        That is GROSS! For some reason when pus and smell are mixed with blood it just totally grosses me out too. As long as it doesn't have a bad smell I can pretty much deal with it....I agree with mustluv. Next time I see a swollen anything, the dogs is going back immediately. Yuck.


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                          Ohhhh that was gross. lol That story made me question if I'm trying to get into the right field of work. I'm wondering too, what did the owner say and did she take her to the vet?


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                            Same thing happened to me with our old cat, he had a abcess on his front leg, we had been dealing with it at the vet, they put a drain it, he was on meds, blahh blahh blahh... well he escaped the house and was gone for several days, and when he came home I could see his leg was WAAAYY swollen & he wasn't putting any weight on it, so I picked him up and put him on my grooming table and was going to look at it. As soon as I touched his leg POP and all of that NASTY stuff came running out of his leg, WOW talk about stink. I have a pretty tough stomach too, but that nearly did me in. There really is no other smell like it. It took a couple months to get that thing healed up.



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                              speaking of chinese....

                              my mom worked with a lady who ordered chinese food from this chinese food resturant. well the lady had worked a double shift and was sitting down to eat her food...and she was eating fried rice i believe...and she thought the rice was moving. nah its just her imagination shes overtired her eyes are playing tricks on her. she keeps eating...looks like the rice is moving again. a coworker comes in the breakroom and she asks him hey can you look at my rice and tell me if its moving? coworker looks at it..goes uh yeah its moving around...turns out there were MAGGOTS in her fried rice! GAG GAG GAG! GROSS! and me...i cannot clean up dog puke OR human puke...if i see dog puke i start gagging...and if i attempt to clean it up i puke right next to it LOL! now cat puke i can clean up...and i got better with doggy diarrhea...but if its REALLY BAD and all over the place..i start gagging again...and i leave and rush to the bathroom LOL! i told my fiance' i cannot clean up diarrhea OR puke...and if one of our animals has diarrhea or puke then he has to clean it up...oh man can you imagine if a mastiff had explosive diarrhea? OH GOD! UGH! lol that is just horrible....
                              and that is just gross be running out of the room and heading for the nearest garabage can and puking my guts out LOL!
                              ~Havin' a Hound Lovin' Good Time!~