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dry, flakey schnauzer

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  • dry, flakey schnauzer

    I groomed a schnauzer today and was not happy with his coat when I was done. I washed him with Best Shot and sprayed him with Quicker Slicker because he had tangles and some matts. When I was done his coat looked dull and flakey. I am a good rinser so I'm sure I washed out all the shampoo. I've groomed him before and I don't remember his coat ever looking like that.
    He also had some crazy static going on so I gave him a spritz of Crowne Royal. Was that a mistake? I want to do better next time. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Sometimes those silicone sprays do seem to cause static (Quicker Slicker, The Stuff, etc.) Maybe a medicated shampoo next time would help, or, like so many schnauzers, this dog may have some skin issues going on. Many times, diet can be the culprit here. Dryness can also be a result of lack of humidity in the air especially in the winter months-just like our own dry winter skin. Hope this helps.
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      Flaky Schnauzer

      I have three Schnauzers and my two boys are extremely flaky.With all the zillions of dogs over the years, my two have to worst skin of any. It is dry in Az but no other dogs are like they are. I also use Best Shotwhich is an excellent product. Tonite I gave Jax a hydro-surge bath w/ Best shot, then Listerine ans then Best shot conditioner. I think he needs Omega 3 supplements. I suspect your Schn client is lacking in fatty acids too. I wouold ask client what she feeds the dog and suggest omega 3 supplements. I need to be faithful to a regimine. I also wonder about health issues. I know Traveler(see todays pictures) has been sick, but Jax is not sick. Tomorrow if I bathe Halle who is under 2yrs is flaky, I will really wonder. I don't think it is your fault at all. I think you did the best you could.Good coat and skin comes from nutrition right Helly? I would like suggestions on this topic also.Most grooming products are very good these days. There is lots of competition out there to be the best grooming products. I bought a shampoo from HSN tv today. Claims to remedy skin probs. Expensive and less than average gallon price for ones we use. But HSN is money back guarantee. It is concentrated w/ a bottle of oils to ad. I let ya know.....


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        If I had a nickel.....

        for every flaky, seborrheic schnauzer I've met, I could retire.

        I can't say that I know exactly why your particular dog had a change in skin and coat, but it most likely isn't anything that you did. As you probably know, schauzers were never meant to be shaved. They are SUPPOSED to be hand stripped, however, most pets are not. The process of hand stripping helps to flush the follicles, while shaving (sometimes) eventually aggravates them.

        I use a good degreasing shampoo first, then either a vet prescribed Pyoben follicular flushing shampoo provided by the client, or an over the counter tar and sulfur, salicydic acid or chlorhexidine based exfoliant formula.

        It would be appropriate to mention the change to your client so that they can notify their veterinarian. The skin and coat are a good indication of overall health. Good for you for being observant! I'm sure that your clients appreciate you for it.

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          From what I understand, Best Shot is silicone based (I have HEARD that, but don't know if it's true), and Quicker Slicker is silicone based. If you use too much of the QS, it could dull the coat, but I doubt it would make it instantly flakey.

          I would try a different shampoo perhaps on this dog (not ripping on Best Shot here, as I hear lots of good things about it), it might need something a little different. Let's see what others have to say, as I would like to know too.

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            Nutrition does play a big role in healthy coat and skin. As my brother-in-law, who is a vet, says "If you want healthy skin, oil it...from the inside."

            A high quality food that contains omega 3 fatty acids can work miracles. No need to supplement, just get a food that already contains them. Adding some probiotics, like yogurt with active cultures, can also help.

            But there can be other factors in play, too. Health issues, like hypothyroidism and diabetes, for example. Dry, winter air can really dry skin out. Some breeds, like cockers and schnauzers, have their own, special skin conditions that should be taken into consideration. Flakey skin isn't always dry. Sometimes it's oily. Sometimes it's caused by yeast.

            Diagnosing skin problems can sometimes be very frustrating. Even for dermatologists. At times, they just fall back on the time honored advice of "If it's dry, keep it moist. If it's wet, dry it out." Which works a great deal of the time, when the underlying cause can't be found.