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My tub w/dispenser

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  • My tub w/dispenser

    Here is a picture of the dispenser I have in my grooming tub, it comes in really handy when you need a little full strength shampoo and don't want to get out the whole gallon. It used to have 3 dispensers, but I broke one-oops. I use it when I need that bit of extra for those dirty feet, ears, rears ect... Someone asked about it in another thread so I thought I would post a picture here.

    Also, here is a picture of the nozzle I use to give a bath. I got it in the auto section at Wal-Mart. It works really good. It has several spray patterns like; shower, jet, cone ect... plus a dial for "water" & one for "soap". The "soap" can be dispensed at different dilutions too. I know the bottle looks small but it goes pretty far and only takes a second to re-fill and you don't have to turn off the water to do it. Simply turn the dial to "water" unscrew it, re-fill, screw it back on. Plus it saves time because there is no pre-wetting.

    I have a picture of my tub in another thread called "tub suggestions", it shows my dispenser on the wall.

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    do you have a bathing system or it this how you use it? the wall mount hydrosurge or bathmaster is great, no premixing...soo much of a time saver


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      Didn't know about that type of sprayer. I don't have a commercial bathing system, I made a "Bowzer Blaster" for about $25, but it requires 2 hoses- one for the soap sprayer, one for the rinse water. I like what you've got better!lol Where did you get the soap dispensers from? Really good idea, too. :-)


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        Is that a "human" shampoo dispenser? I likat idea, they are in the beauty section at walmart.


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          WOW! Guess what I'm installing in my clinic kennel bath next week!! Their whole system is pretty worn & antiquated...I've made it my personal mission to get them a bit more updated--unfortunately bathing is a higher priority for ME than them!!


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            Scoop, where did you buy your soap dispenser? I like it...


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              I got my shampoo dispenser at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I'm sure they sell them at other places.

              Hairdevil-no I don't have bathing system, just not too crazy about them and I'm really not crazy about the price. LOL. Maybe if I was grooming 10+ dogs a day or something, but for my business my set-up works GREAT!

              Roo- I too had a home made bowser blaster, but didn't like it either. For me it was heavy and akward.

              I don't mind pre-mixing the shampoo, doesn't take long, but I like having the dispenser right on the wall because I store all of my full strength shampoo under the tub so when I need just a little dab I don't have to stop everything to get it.

              Have a great day everyone. Scoop


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                I have that same sprayer and it does work nice. It is cheap and effective. I also got mine at walmart in the automotive section. It is to wash your car with and put the soap directly in the water.


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                  That's really cool Scoop!! I might need to try something like that out. I don't have a bathing system - oh yah I do, it's my hands. But maybe that sprayer would save my hands from aching so much at the end of the day...hmmm...going to have to check it out. That's a pretty nifty soap dispenser on the wall too. You always have such innovative ideas! Thanks for sharing them!!