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Building an at home grooming shop???

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  • Building an at home grooming shop???

    I am going to be house hunting this spring and was wondering if I should tell the realtor that I intend to build an at home shop? Would he/she be able to look up zoning and actually help me find a house I could build a shop into? I will be moving to a new state and was wondering this. Or should I talk to someone else about zoning and stuff? Thanks guys

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    I would tell the realtor but I would also call the town hall and ask them what zone you could open a shop in and then tell the realtor that. When you find something I would make an offer on a contingency that you get approved from the town.


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      Zoning laws vary, of course, but just to give you one example: I have a home-based business in a residentially zoned area. Thus, I didn't necessarily have to be in a commercial zone- rather, I got a variance from the town zoning commission. Find out what the laws are where you will be looking. Some residentially zoned areas may not allow variances at all and others may.
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