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  • Did I say the right thing?

    I am stressed over a client. I know I shouldn't be but let me tell you what happened.
    I have a beautiful sheltie who is wonderful for his groomings but dosent come in very often and is always full of undercoat. He had an appointment back in Jan (last time he was in was Sept) and she called the morning of his appt 1/2 late saying she is in bed with a migrane and she wont be coming. Her appt was at 10am. I was upset she was a now show, then called to cancel late, I was actually busy that day.
    Anyways, she rescheduled for today. Again, she was a no show. She called an hour after her appoinment time and said she was at the hospital for a migrane.
    My bather was the one who answered the phone. I heard the conversation, she wanted to reschedule. I told my helper to tell her that if she misses her next appoinment, she will have to prepay. She got irrate with my helper. Saying it was out of her control.
    Was I out of line?

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    Tell her to get a Doctor's note. Seriously, 2 migraines, both on the days she has an appointment? Hmmm...

    Well, I can't relate, never had a migraine, but I can say that YOU are losing money because of this...and if she can call late, why can't she call on time?

    She may be understandably irate---she has serious headaches---but, she really needs to understand the other side of the story. Yours.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      Yes, you were out of line, you were too nice to her. Ask yourself, was she really sorry that she wasted you appointment ( time=money ), did she offered to pay you some money for her missed appointments?


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        I don't suffer from migranes either, but I get some tension headaches in my neck that will knock me to the ground! If she really does have such bad migranes I can understnad her not being able to make the appt, but she needs to understand that you have lost money twice because of her. In other words I think you were right for saying something, although I think I would have told the client myself instead of having my bather pass on the info.
        SheilaB from SC


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          No, you weren't out of line at all. You have a business to run, employees to pay, utility bills to pay. Your income is based on having people actually show up (and pay) for their appointments.

          I have sympathy for anyone with a migraine. I've had them too. Not often, but often enough. And as horrible as they are, they aren't life threatening. I'm still able to drag my butt to the phone and call before I miss an appointment. And I'm just the least bit suspicious that she's used a migraine as an excuse both times she's missed her appointment, knowing that I've used a migraine as an excuse to get out of doing something I really just don't want to do.

          Yes. I know. But at least I'm honest about it after the fact.


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            just a thought

            I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in there. I understand we are providing a service and our time is money. For some reason people think because its their dogs hair and not their own head of hair, that we arnt as important. I am glad she called instead of being a no show the first time.

            I would say instead of the next time you are going to pay, I would tell her to call when she has her migraine under control so she can follow through with the appointment. And when she called back I would simply explain to her that when she takes an appointment and doesnt come in it causes you to lose money. Explain at that point that you need a 24 notice of cancellations. Then you can add in there that its policy that after the third time of this the client is going to be responsible for the full groom price.

            Speaking of policy. I would draw up something for all new clients to sign and put a policy such as this into affect. If you have it in writing I beleive its enforcable. At the very least this could deter this situation from repeating itself again and again with furure clients. I would take this as a learning experience. I definately think having policies is proffesional and requires respect of your services. If people do not respect your pocket and your time... make them. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Im sorry for this situation. She just shouldn't have rebooked while still in bed canceling an appointment she didn't show for.


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              I used to get migraines; and they are the worst! Until I finally found a prescription that worked for me, I could be down for 2 or 3 days from one. So I have sympathy for the woman. However, as a business owner needing to make a living, I also have sympathy for you too. I would make the compromise where she couldf bring the dog in again, but it would be at my earliest possible convenience, not hers. Tell her you'll have to put her on a waiting list( youre busy now) and when you have a cancellation you'll call her, and she can bring the dog in. If she's unwilling to do this and wants to tie you down to a firmer appt., she'll have to prepay, because you can't afford to keep losing $ on missed appointments.Good luck to you.


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                Thanks guys for all the great feedback.
                Took the day off today to drive to Kansas to pick up a new cow! I'm so excited LOL. A new miniature hereford. Better get on the road. Don't work too hard today.


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                  I too don't think you were out of line, at all!!! I have a strict 3 strikes you're out policy. 1st miss, life happens, 2nd miss must prepay for third appt. and 3rd miss you're out. I have too many that want that space being abused by that particular client. I too feel it's strange that she happened to have migraines on the same days of her appts. PLUS, the fact the dog is a mess, keep that in mind. It sounds to me like the dog actually needs to be groomed more often than the appts are booked anyway. Good Luck!


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                    I get horrendous migraines with auras. I see this thing in my eye that looks like a kaleidoscope. It get's bigger and bigger until I'm literally blind for 45 minutes to an hour. Then I'm left with this terrible headache for 3 days. It makes me vomit, dizzy and sick as a dog in pain.

                    I feel for this woman, but there are numerous times I have gotten these headaches at work. I don't say a word and still have to function. When I'm practically blind though it's hard but I still do it. So I can't see why this woman can't give you adequate time in her cancellations. I don't think you were wrong at all. Maybe you should have told her to wait to reschedule, until she's feeling better. Maybe start a cancellation fee?

                    I'm wondering though, if you told her she had to pay in advance, how do you do that? Does she give you a credit card over the phone or something? Or does she have to come in to make an appointment and you take the money then? Or when she finally comes in you charge her for that appointment and the next? Just curious.


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                      this isnt related to the grooming topic...but i just wanted to ask how are the fainting goats as pets? i REALLY love goats...i want to get a pygmy goat as a pet but i also want a fainting goat...ohhh man LOL! love those goaties!!
                      enjoy your new cow!


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                        I used to suffer from migraines, so I can relate to the pain and discomfort. If I went to bed with a migraine, I would undoubtedly wake up with a migraine the next day. Although I wanted to remain curled up in a fetal position on my bed, I still had to work. It’s no fun to be in a brightly lit room when you’re extremely light sensitive. I found a way to greatly reduce the frequency of my migraines; I still get the occasional one, but nowhere near as often. Anyways, she doesn’t have a good excuse for calling you past her appointment time. Even if by some weird chance she did have a migraine on both occasions, I’m sure it was in her power to call you before her appointment time had already lapsed. In my opinion that’s not asking too much, its just common courtesy. As others have said, that’s money out of your pocket and even though her migraines are out of her control, it shouldn’t come at your expense because they’re out of your control as well.


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                          No, you did nothing wrong. If she had an appt in Jan., why didn't she re-book sooner?? My calendar says March already! It's now been 6mos for this dog. If she doesn't want to cover the $$ you've already lost, I think she would be happier elsewhere (but not at my biz!!LOL).
                          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                          Groom on!!!


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                            Hound- I love my fainters. ) Pygmys are great but fainters are better in my opinion. Pygmys can climb on EVERYTHING and jump out of anything. Fainters cannot climb or jump. They lack mycitonin, a chemical in thier blood to have thier muscles react, that is why they "faint" You can get more info looking them up on the net. But when we put our goats into thier pasture, we just use a hog panel to keep them in. I love it. I never have to worry about them getting out into the garden.

                            Thanks for all the replys everyone. I really love coming here for support. Everyone is great!


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                              I am very skeptical of the coincidence. You did the right thing. I doubt you will have to worry about it again, but you don't want to either so it is a good outcome if you never hear from her again. You aren't exactly making any money off of her as a client anyway.