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  • Update on Free Groom

    I did the standard poodle pup on Saturday. The one that the receptionist gave the free groom to. I again explained about puppy behavior, puppy coat and coat change. I explained that puppy has a rather soft coat, and that's why his top knot falls over after a couple of hours. Cutting it shorter will help, but won't completely solve the problem. I explained everything. Again.

    I took extra time to get him as close to perfect as was possible, considering he's a puppy who doesn't stand still, and he has a ****** coat. If I do say so myself, he looked great. IMO, he had one of the best top knots I've ever done.

    Owner called today, complaining. His top knot fell apart in the middle. Well, yes. I told you it would. It's soft...and even show dogs with great coat get a liberal dose of hair spray to keep their top knots up.

    One of his ears didn't get shaved out underneath. That's not even possible, considering the process I go through. And the fact that I double checked every thing on this dog, including his ears.

    He goes in the water every day, and he's bringing all sorts of "stuff" in the house on his feet...feet that I shaved with a 30 blade, and farther up his leg than I normally would, per her request, mind you! And this is my fault because....?!?

    Then I get "I'm getting my new poodle puppy in a couple of weeks. You could have been making $$$ every month, but not now. I'm really not happy with the groom at all."

    OK, that done it! Remember, she has been paying a ridiculously low price on this dog to begin with. And at this point, I really don't care anymore. "Look lady, in the time it takes me to groom your dog, I can do $200 worth of little dogs, no sweat and no complaints. You've cost me money every time I've groomed him. You got a free groom over a 10 minute re-scissor job, which you shouldn't have gotten, and wouldn't have gotten if the receptionist had known you'd already been told to bring the dog back to have it fixed, and you'd already missed two appointments to have it done. That cost me money, too. You're literally taking the food out of my mouth. And I'm supposed to care that you won't be coming back?"

    At this point, my boss gets on the phone, and pretty much tells her to take her silly azzed problems down the hall.

    I'm so tempted to call every groomer in the area and tell them "If you get a call to groom an apricot standard poodle puppy in a modified continental clip, quote twice your normal fee, because it's goin to take at least that much to compensate you for putting up with his owner."

    And if she ever comes crawling back, whining that no one can groom her dogs the way she wants them done, I'm definately doubling the fee...and tacking on a hefty hand scissoring fee on top of it.

    Wait. No I'm not. I'm refusing the groom. Sorry 'bout her luck, but she doesn't have enough money to make it worth my time.

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    Yay for you!


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      Good riddance!

      No good deed goes unpunished. I'm glad for you she's been sent down the road. Someone else's headache now! Some people have nerve.


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        Way to go Helly!!!!! I bet you feel sooooooo much better now too. Some people are just a pain in the you know what and she sure was one. You're not going to miss her or her poodles one little bit.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          It made me laugh that she said the top knot fell and then said how the dog is in water everyday.....dahhhhhhhh....gee I wonder why the top knot fell????


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            Originally posted by RevWind View Post
            Yay for you!
            I second that "Yay", what nerve that lady has... grrrr


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              Good for you Hellly.

              Reminds me of a customer I had years ago with a Show Toy poodle. Brings me the dog after my regular hours for me to groom-mind you she was getting a deal since this was my first Poodle show trim. Had asked me whether she should bath the dog I said yes. Dog comes in feels nice coat holds the trim lovely. Owner asks aren't you going to bath her? I'm almost done! I said I thought you did she feels great. She then asked if she shoud I said No coat is good holding trim well. SHe pays and leaves. We come home after dinner and there's a message on my machine her hubby saying dog looks like C**p he can't believe did this!Call him.So I do and I know whats ccoming. She bathed the dog haircut went to pieces because she doesnt know what she is doing.Meanshile he's swaering at me about the whole thing. I offer to stay after work and fix it again she never shows. She called a handler and went there and guess what was complaining about the cost and I should reimburse her! I said no I offered to fix your mistake and you never bothered to cal me and further more I didn't beleive I was the groomer for her and dont call me ever again! Well months later she goes to a mutual friend and tried to get her to convince me to groom the dog. Friend was mart said no she then tried to get her to get moi to come to tea and she'd explain why I had to do her dog..Friend said No again you call her and talk to her I ain't goiing there.She never called because I told her husband I ididn';t appreciate his foul language and it wasn't appropriate and she knew better then to call me. Only point that dog ever got was when I handled it int he ring! So I learned from them never to think of myself as a rug for them to poop on!


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                You mean, you didn't offer to do it AGAIN...for free? But she was unhappy!


                She's got a LOT of nerve, I can't even believe it! Telling you that YOU'VE lost a lot of money? LOL...she's a real comedian, ain't she?

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  I bet your happy to say bye bye woman, good luck with that! Then the satisfaction you'll get by hearing her voice on the phone again when she tries to come crawling back.


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                    Helly, I am so happy to heard that your boss back you up, and I am so happy you spoke up for all of us. I hope the receptionist had her lesson, this is what will happen when someone just gives free service to nonsense complaining. I don't think the owner was really unhappy, she might just got a taste of free services.


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                      Helly, you absolutely did the right thing. If she wasnt satisfied with the quality groom you did, the bottom line is she wont ever be satisfied! Ever!
                      No person has the right to treat proffessional people doing a great job like she treated you. Shes ungracious, rude, a liar and very undeserving of your services.
                      Lets hope every groomer fires her, then her only option will be to groom poochie herself, boy will that be payback time!!!


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                        Good Good Good for you Helly! I hope you went up front and said to the receptionist, "This is what happens when people get freebies you little twit" I couldn't resist the twit part.
                        SheilaB from SC


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                          That's a way to tell em!

                          People like that just drain all of your energy and ruin your day and your love of grooming. I can't stand dealing with the people who don't listen and are never happy. I too am glad you have a boss that backs you up. It makes all the difference in the world. Nothing worse than working for someone that agress wih everything a customer says and makes you look like an ass.


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                            Originally posted by OneGroovyGroomer View Post
                            I second that "Yay", what nerve that lady has... grrrr
                            I am with them. I had someone try to get it over on me the other day. Then they went behind my back and got a free groom when I wasn't there. I hate when you spend time telling people something and they just don't get it.

                            In my case the dog was shedding from a remo treatment... was already shedding and the remo loosens the dead hair. They all of the sudden 10 days after their dog was in.. tried to brush the dog to reduce shedding with a horse hair brush.

                            So let me think. Ten days after his bath he has a rash ONLY on his back where he was brushed with a horse hair brush. Ya think it was the shampoo? Oh lets just throw in there how she wanted another appointment thinking the bath would help with the shedding. That was one of her first comments. It is so funny how the suggested to me on the phone that the rash was from all the brushing with horse hair and when I am not there the next morning its from the 10 day old shampoo job. So how do you think I feel about having her as a customer now? I don't want to. I know she lied on purpose to get a free service. I think shes a real snake. I think I should call her on it and tell her shes a snake. I would like to do that. Do you think I could get fired for telling her something like that?


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                              Oh, but wait, Helly! Not only did you give up this dog, but you gave up their new poodle puppy too! Can you imagine double the trouble? With those two dogs you'd lose 2 days worth of pay each time! What a nightmare.
                              don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.