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To a new client, why you?

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  • To a new client, why you?

    I want to know why should people choose you? What makes you stand out?

    Do you offer "By appoitment time" grooming?
    Are ALL of your products you use holsitic and MADE for animals?

    What makes you stand out?

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    Originally posted by Gracy Rose View Post
    I want to know why should people choose you? What makes you stand out?

    Do you offer "By appoitment time" grooming?
    Are ALL of your products you use holsitic and MADE for animals?

    What makes you stand out?
    When I first decided to open up my own Salon, I had so many people ask me if I would consider offering crate free appointments. It was hard to make it happen, but almost all my doggies come and stay crate free for their groom. The dogs who are allowed to roam I only take at certain times with certain other dogs. There's alot to it, and keeps me more on my toes. But it's been worth the praise and I have many client referrals driving an hour or more for their doggie's crate free groom in the Salon's relaxful setting. I then charge a bit more for such an appointment, especially if they intend to leave their dog for several hours(or more), but I've never had a complaint. These clients are very willing to pay a little more to get what they want. I also have days where I do lots of oay dogs, and many of these are crated. Just depends on the needs of the dog and customer, but I've made sure the Salon is a personable yet safe place for pet and owner. And honestly I think it's the Salon's best attribute even though I offer many other things!


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      Well I haven't started a business yet but my plan is to do and say the following.

      I have a clean, modern, and always supervised environment. ( The thing I hear from a lot of people is the first time they walk into a groomers is it's dirty, looks like a dump and it smells all the time.)

      Each pet given individual attention - grooming by appointments with drop off and pick up (in and out) to minimize stay and reduce stress. Unless the want/ need to leave it all day.

      Use only high quality shampoos and products that are gentle to the dogs.

      Think of the animal well being and welfare above beauty and vanity, There will be no (hourly) dematt charge cause I wll not dematt for an hour.
      The only time I did this was on a retired show tibetan who was used to sitting still for this period.

      I have and will continue to upgrade my education to give your pets the best possible care.

      I might think of some more but that is all I have for now

      Okay thought of a couple more.

      Special Kitty and small dog "days".

      Daycare for dogs staying all day. Play all day and then get prettied up.

      I took veterinary assistant class and first aid classes to assist in monitoring health issues and know doggie first aid and CPR. Every dog/cat will get a health "report card" noting any issues with each visit.
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        I am the only commercially located salon.
        The only salon in town. (the others are all out in the country, and at their homes).
        I use all nautral/holistic products for dogs.
        I groom cats...(not happily)
        I get the comment that I am 'really' nice. Kinda sad that my competitiors are losing business cause I am polite and nice.


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          You bring up a valid point. This is how I look at it:

          You bring your dog to 2 groomers, which do you choose?
          Groomer #1, has awards hanging everywhere, and tells you the price.
          Groomer #2, has her name on the wall, welcomes you, kisses your pup, tells you the price, what it entails and how much she loves grooming your breed.

          Whenever I have a client, who asks me to fix something, or change that way I groom this, I smile and say :-) " I may not be the Worlds Best Groomer but your Pet will be loved the Best in the World".

          Who would you choose? Yes, quality speaks for itself but your friendliness speaks louder.


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            I'd say half of my clients drive 30 miles or more to have their pets groomed. I make sure they can drop off, go have breakfast (or lunch), and their pet is finished by the time they are.

            I am a vet tech, as well as a groomer, and as such I offer special attention for elderly or special needs pets. I monitor breathing, color, heart rate and hydration on all pets. I can recognize a focal or petite mal seizure, and provide proper monitoring if a pet has a seizure. I know how to do CPR, can provide necessary first aid if needed.

            I assess each pets condition, and make out referral cards for anything I find; lumps, bumps, coughs, inflamed ears, hot spots, rashes, parasites.

            I'm available to discuss/demonstrate home grooming, training issues, proper nutrition. I listen to their concerns and answer their questions.

            I offer grooming to breed standard, I modify the standard groom if requested. I'm willing to shave a dog down without delivering 10 pages worth of lecture, but do inform them of necessary precautions, such as keep the pet out of direct sunlight due to risk of sunburn.

            I do my darndest to make it easy for them to do business with me.


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              My deep love and concern for ALL animals. Grooming is not just a job or career for me, it's a choosen path that has been put before me. It is the way that I'm able to make a difference in the life of the pets I work with.

              While I've only been grooming for about a year now, I have been working (as a career) with animals for the past 4. I went back to school (not grooming school, but college) in my 40's to study animal care and have had some wonderful opportunities since then. I've had the privaledge to work with big cats (tigers, lions, etc), wolves, and some other exotics, I do wildlife rehab, and am working on my degree in animal care and management technology. I'm red cross certified in pet CPR and emergency first aid, have a concentration in animal nutrition and behavior.
              My life revolves around animals and can't think of anything else I would rather do at this stage in my life.

              It's funny how things turn out sometimes. If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I would be doing TODAY, I would not have guessed pet grooming, even though I've always wanted to work with animals (even as a young child). But I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and I suppose I'm a groomer for a reason


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                I keep my work environment very homey and low-stress, and the dogs respond very favorably to it. I get alot of compliments on how happy their dogs are to see me, and how relaxed they are about the whole process, something they didn't always find at other places. I have alot of dogs that came in with behavior issues & fears.With alot of patience (and hard work) many of these dogs now trust me and have become great dogs to groom, something I'm really happy about. I try to give the customer what they want, in terms of style & length, but will always choose humanity over looks, when someone arrives badly matted. The dog's safety & comfort is priority #1. And I try very hard to be honest, realistic, pleasant & polite with my customers( even when I sometimes don't feel like it,lol).


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                  Helly, I'd drive 30 miles for you to groom my dogs if it were possible! lol

                  As for me:

                  I use to my knowledge the best products for each pet- regardless if they pay extra or not. If a dog needs their glands done- I'll do it, ear hair removed-done, anything that is best for that dog I don't put stipulations.

                  I wont de-matt more than what a pet is comfortable with (if the dog yips or shows stress that can be not at all...).

                  Any time I second guess something I stop and put the extra effort into being safe (i.e. leaving the muzzle on that extra second after the dog looks stressed wont do it; things like that). I follow safety rules.

                  I never get water in a dogs nose, no matter how much they flip out I never just spray their face. The water is always the perfect temperature, never cold!

                  I talk to the owner when they drop off about the cut and will do whatever they want as long as it wont hurt the dog. I tell them the price before I take the dog back and let them know then if there may be extra charges, there are never any suprises.

                  I don't overbook or rush dogs, if I am running late I let the owner know ahead of time.

                  Now if only I had enough customers who cared about those things...



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                    Similar things to what y'all have salon is very clean, always smells good in here. I decorated it like I would my home, warm & cozy. I am always polite and truly love what I do & it shows. I will kiss pups all day LOL And I think I am a pretty good groomer so that helps too! lol


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                      First when I tell them my price, I tell them that if they are price comparing, GREAT! But make sure they are comparing apples to apples.

                      I let them know that each dog is shampooed at least TWICE. That I hand dry all of the pets. I have vets at my fingertips if needed.

                      I'm too tired to type anymore, lol, but this is basically what I focus on.

                      Tammy in Utah
                      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                        I'm also way too tired to type, but I'll put some quick points in...

                        "by appt only" = dogs in and out, not hanging around in loud barking all day, less stress.

                        cage free grooming on weekdays

                        daycare/training/rehab center on premises as well

                        hands on grooming, dogs are done pretty much straight through, so a lot more one on one attention vs. being put in a cage dryer all day and then clipped

                        mostly it's the first 2 that sell people on me. Plus I'm very polite and professional to customers, even though some I'd like to hug, and other's I'd like to smack, lol.
                        No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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                          I used to work construction with a few guys and had to live with a co-worker for a while.. He had a JRT named Killer..yea!

                          Their big thrill after work was to sit around and kick at (not kick) Killer with their big steel toed boots.. they would make killer attack their boots and they thought it was so funny.. But Killer would run around, jump up on my lap and let me pet him.. he would even growl and snap at anyone who got too close to me.. heh!

                          That's the kind of thing (tho not the full story) I try to pass onto my customers.. that's how I am with dogs.. I love them and they can tell..

                          I've groomed dog's no one else could and oh yes.. I've sent dogs home that only wanted to eat me.. but those are rare

                          on a few occassions, ive had ladies walking out of my shop in tears after leaving their dog's with me.. and I've always gone out after then and tell them "I Promise" your dog will be treated with nothing but care and kindness.. Mindy is our only child and I understand how you feel..

                          I think being a male groomer sometimes makes new customer's uneasy!

                          Im no world class groomer.. but i love what I do and im pretty good at it and I have a long list of long time customers..


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                            I groom in my home ,the dogs are in and out in a timely manner, it is white glove clean and I am nice.
                            I get soooo many new clients from a shop in town,and every single customer that switches does so because"she does a good job grooming but she is a B****". I have 24 years of customer service under my belt. I can be nice to everyone.


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                              Originally posted by carla View Post
                              I groom in my home ,the dogs are in and out in a timely manner, it is white glove clean and I am nice.
                              I get soooo many new clients from a shop in town,and every single customer that switches does so because"she does a good job grooming but she is a B****". I have 24 years of customer service under my belt. I can be nice to everyone.

                              I just gained another new client from the gals down the road because "They don't give me a good feeling" (says the client). "I don't think they hurt him, but I just didn't get a good feeling about them." That and they have these huge tacky tip jars sitting out.

                              Tammy in Utah
                              Groomers Helper Affiliate