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dremel!! and cordless clippers questions

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  • dremel!! and cordless clippers questions

    i just bought myself a dremel...for personal use on my own dog. BOY am i glad i went and did this! now ill be able to do his nails at home once a week to get them shorter. AND i went with a cordless one...i had the master groomer one from petedge for 20 was a HUGE PITA!! many of you guys use cordless clippers with interchangable batterys versus corded clippers for general grooming (ie doing most of your grooming for you...doing the patterns, shave downs, etc etc). im just curious if this would be a wise thing to do when i do start grooming and buy a clipper to use...should i go corded or cordless? id like any ideas and personal experiences please!
    eddie is going to get his nails filed tomorrow....hehehe he is going to be SO pleased (yeah right lmao he is going to go hide his head under the bed and play ostrich...i dont see you so i must be invisable so you cannot see me!)
    funny dog he is!

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    I have corded clippers. Because I am mobile and in a smaller space the cord does not get in my way. I also have a corded dremmel. No problems.
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      Like Diamie, I too, have all corded tools. I have however, gazed at the cordless clilppers before and wondered. Sometimes I think the cord out of the way would be wonderful, but I don't know enough about how the whole battery thing would hold up, to know if it would be worth the no cord. I know my husband has battery type power tools and has to purchase new batteries every so often cuz they lose charge. I don't know if it would be the same for clippers or not, but it was a thought I had. I'm just as curious as you to see if others use and like their cordless clippers. They also kind of look heavy and bulky to me, but still the no cord thing has me intrigued.
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        I have many clippers, corded and cordless. I use the corded clippers as my main clippers and the cordless ones for select tasks. I just don't believe the cordless clippers can keep up with the heavy workload and it always seems that the battery won't hold a charge for long after a while...i even have multiple batteries that I keep switching and charging and the battery is always running out during a task. But a cordless clipper is ideal for many shaving poodle faces on dogs that don't quite like it, doing mat shave outs and clean feet.

        I also now have a corded dremel as back up for my cordless dremel. Again, battery issues. I am sick and tired of the battery running out on the third foot of a dog. I have found that the corder dremel has some real power to it...I only thought the cordless one (and I have the super duper lithium powered cordless) had power. Man, that corded one can file a golden retrievers nail down in seconds.

        I like to have back up that I can depend on.