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  • Mutt Styling Guide Book

    I keep seeing this book advertised. Has anyone purchased it and what did you think? I thought it was interesting but can't imagine how the book is set up.

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    Sorry I bought this book right away and was very disappointed. I am sure some people will love it but basically it just suggests a few purebred cuts on mutts. The drawings are not very good either. Just my opinion but I was less than thrilled.


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      Thank you. I just couldn't imagine how it was set up with there being so many variations of breed traits. I am glad you responded, I didn't want to waste the money if it wasn't worth it.


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        I wasn't vey impressed with it either it was pretty much like if it looks a lot like cocker give it a cocker cut. Kinda like it stated the obvious and the photo's weren't that great.


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          I agree, I wasn't very impressed. I was looking for something to help with the designer dogs (labrodoodles, Bichon/Poo's) but didn't get much out of it.


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            Got to agree with everyone else. Wish I had spent the money on something else.



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              Wow, one after the other, you guys are all of the same opinion. Ya know, I just try to follow the shape of the dog's head (the body just depends on what the owner wants) when it comes to making it look cute. Big fat round head gets a circle face, long narrow face gets a terrier look etc..depends really.

              I like hearing your opinions, maybe you all saved me a few bucks.

              Tammy in Utah
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