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  • Details? Boy, have I got details!!

    This may sound weird,but this is the only place ,other than at the salon, where anyone in my life is really interested about what clippers run best or what blades are longest lasting and so on. My husband loves me, but he says I begin to get a glazed look in my eyes and I sound obsessed when the subject of dogs or grooming comes up. Okay, I bought a pair of 8 1/2 Scorpion Kenchii curves and a pair of 8 in. QX Kenchii swivel handle cuves with the 3 finger rests, and I got Kenchii's Okra thinning shears. I picked up another set of Andis Super speed 2 spd clippers, a few various blades and I found a set of the stainlees steel snap on combs for $30 ! The 30 blade was included. I saw the absolute cutest Brussells Griffon and fell in love! We watched a demo on a Gallo-Winds force dryer and I'm campaigning hard to switch. The Gallo is square and very solid and the best part is it's about half as loud as our current one. I also like the shape, ours is a cylinder and on wheels. I can't count how many times it's hit the floor before I tied it to the table. I spent a while with the Kenic reps and we discussed the differences in all-natural soap free shampoos and other products versus the regular stuff. All the free samples!!!More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Can you feel the jealousy coming through the moniter?!?
    I think I took myself off the book for Intergroom, at least Saturday. I HAVE to go or I'll shoot myself. I can't wait a whole year in between grooming shows! It's difficult because I'm the only one grooming at the kennel when the boss goes out for shows.
    But I GOTTA GO!


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      THERE WE GO, that's more like it! You can't come on this website and say, "I bought lots of stuff, I'm having a good time" without it coming across like you're sticking your tongue out at all of us and giving us a raspberrry "Nanner nanner nanner!" and all that.

      So thank you for the details, I still want more. I'm jealous about the shears, I bet you'll love them. I've heard good things about Kenchii's.

      I also think Brussels Griffons have the cutest little wiggle butts I ever did see!

      THe dryer...I'm wondering if it's like the one I saw at Super Zoo: It's square, and it has a variable speed dial on it, and it was verrrrry quiet. But I thought it was called "Cool dry" from what I've read on here...anyway, loved it.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Who makes Kenchii's and what do you like about them?

        Ok-Ok so I can't be jealouse because I've never heard of theses shears so please give some more details about how great they are.

        I know what you mean about trying to get excited about it to the boyfriend or hubby and they look at you like your speaking a foreign language.


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          I just know you will love the Kenchii's. My husband and I just became distributors and I got some for myself. I got the Scorpions 8.5 straights and the T-series 9.5 straights as well. They are like "BUTTER"

          We were supposed to go to Atlanta, but business just wouldn't allow it. But, man, I sure wanted to go.


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            Kenchii at Atlanta

            Well not to be Miss spelling bee but they are Kenchii Orka as in Killer whales, not okra as in veggies.
            I would think the name must have to do with the SHARP unusally pointed teeth and the bite they make in your purse! $320. But I want 'em cause they are soooo nice!!!!
            Their shears are just the cream of the crop to see. Soooo beautiful!!

            I went to a scissoring seminar & learned soo much.
            I thought I have big hands but I don't. I have maybe a bit larger palms than average and longer fingers so I should use a shorter shank.
            What I learned in this one class alone will save me from making big scissor buying mistakes. Until now I have never spent more than $60 (used). Now I have the confidence to spend a couple hundred and be fine.



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              Sounds like tons of fun!!!

              I get excited about the "new stuff" I've bought, and my husband looks at me like I'm nuts. LOL I've never been to a show, but I pity him if I ever get to one because I'm pretty sure I'll be like a kid in a candy store.

              I LOVE Brussels!!! I only have 1 that comes to the shop (to be honest, that's the only one I've ever seen in person) and I shave her like a lion. She is the cutest little thing and feels like a warm squishy water bottle. I think I might need one of those.

              Along with a hairless chinese crested that I WILL have someday