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  • Need ideas:-)

    Hi, I am revamping my self serve dog wash and am looking for new tubs. We have been using human tubs and in my new set up, I am trying to go for a classier set up. Do any of you have ideas for tubs?

    Thank You For All Of Y'alls Great Knowledge,

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    Gracy - I have often debated adding this service in my shop, as I currently have a spare room off of the lobby. Is it real successful for you?


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      i know i saw a couple of groomers websites (actually one that is on my raw diet list but i have NO IDEA what her website is! and i cannot find it! argh!!)
      but she had BEAUTIFUL tubs...they had steps that the dogs could just walk right up into (nice marble looking steps with a marble surround around the tub that was sunk into the floor.) AWESOME looking pictures. heck I would have wanted to take a bath there LOL! she had only two tubs...but they were SOOO beautiful it was like a doggy spa for the richest puppys in Illinois!
      i dont know of any good looking tubs...maybe just go for stainless steel ones??? or you can make them look gorgeous and people will LOVE how the place looks.


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        for a self service operation I think stainless steel makes a good impression and will be classier as you say! lol I think the best tub out there is the Shor-Line. low steps, wide door..easy for bigger dogs to get in and out...check them out


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          Thanks ofr the ideas!

          #1, yes, it generates approxiamtely $500 extra per week.
          #2, I have shor-lines for my grooming section and LOVE them, but they are HUGE and take up sooooo much room. I found the coolest website that sells classy tubs but they are in Oregon and the freight to Florida was more than the price of 3 tubs.