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Dont ya just love it when.......

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  • Dont ya just love it when.......

    That dog you finally want to book with you does and its MATTED!

    I have a neighbor who I am friends with that has the CUTEST Shih Tzu! Anyway, I moved here 7 mos ago and opened my shop 5 1/2 mos ago. I have always wanted to get my hands on this girl LOL She FINALLY makes an appt w/ me last wk for today (saturday). I was secretly thrilled........

    Anyway she brings her in and she is all matted! They usually get her done about every 6 wks and they had gone quite longer then that this time. I managed to get her done w/ a 3 3/4-4f oa which frankly was a miracle! I was just so bummed that she was a matted mess......She is such a gorgeous dog! Oh well, they said they would bring her back in 4-6 wks so I will be able to leave her a bit longer next time I hope!

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    Oh, I know how that feels! I have these clients that I've been grooming their little shih tzu since it's first groom---every month. And every month I've had to spend a little time dematting her. But every month she'd go home with a beautiful white white white coat, with some lighter markings here and there, but mostly pure white. She's GORGEOUS, and gets all the ooos and aaaahs when I walk her out.

    Did I take a photo of her like I do almost all my other dogs? NOoooooOooooo...

    So the last time she comes in the owner had given up and we both decided to shave her down. I could KICK MYSELF for not taking her stinkin' photo! GRRRR

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate