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  • Help moving & grooming

    I may be moving to Louisiana, Mississippie, Alabama (60 miles or less from the cost). I'm looking for a sm to med. sized town, safe, clean, friendly. I was wondering if anyone in that area would have any suggestions of possible towns as I have never been south before. I was also wondering if a groomer would have to be certified in these states and what the market is like. I currently own an in home grooming salon in Mi which has been very successful. Thanks for your help. Please let me know if I should have posted under a different section. I'm new and am amazed at how much info is on this site!

    PS. anyone looking for a house in Mi...

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    I don't live anywhere close to there, lol, but just wanted to say hi, and welcome to the board!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      My grandmother lives in Louisiana, in a VERY small town, but it is so far out in the country that you wouldn't be able to get much of a grooming business there. It's an ok town, but I wouldn't want to move there, too small. Mostly made up of my extended family members, lol. I, too, would like to say welcome to the boards! Hope you find all that you're looking for.

      Tammy in Utah
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        Oakie - thats so funny youre moving here! I moved to AL from MI in June - BEST decision we ever made. BTW my house is still for sale there, its currently being rented - UGH. I love the south and you will too. Grab some Frontline, you will need it! LOL - I am in Northern AL - too bad you're going so south!


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          Help moving and grooming

          Lol that is a coincidence. How long have you had to rent your house? Where did you move from? We are in Battle Creek/Marshall (half way between). I was wondering if you have to be certified there? We graduated from Canine School of Cosmetology in Lansing last year but haven't gotten certified yet. Absolutely love grooming and hate to move since our business has gone so well! My daughter is going to stay and take over the business so it isn't a total loss. Are there any nice towns that you know of 30-60 miles from the coast? I'm terrified of hurricanes! lol
          Happy Grooming!


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            It's official

            My husbend officialy accepted the Job that will move us to Alibama (fairhope/Mobile area). He is leaving this weak and as soon as our house sells I'll be heading down too. Now I just need to talk all my adult kids into going with us! We'll be buisy grooming our spring rush and paking while my Hubby is down south so I'm shure the time will fly (at least I hope so). Some days I think I'm loosing it with all this stress! Grooming has realy become theraputic for me.

            My doughter is still looking of a new place to groom in after I leave. A freind has offered her a nice building to use but the location isn't great. She's thinking of using it temporarly if needed, but I hate to see her move too much before finding a perminet spot.

            Anyway happy grooming to all of you. I hope your spring rush goes well.


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              I am in Mandeville, Louisiana which is on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Mandeville and the surrounding towns (Abita Springs, Covington, Madisonville) are all high income areas with very good public schools, lots of community activities, NO crime and LOTS of dogs!

              The area is profitable but not very affordable. Average rent these days is about $1200 for a two bedroom and rock bottom price for a decent but small house is $150,000.

              "Base" groom prices run from about $30 to $43. I'm in the middle of that and I know of only a very, very few who are grooming for $30 or less.