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My bather has a new name for them

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  • My bather has a new name for them

    what a day today. but my bather made such a cute commet that made the day just end great.i said something on the lines of bathers and she replied were not bathers we're A Dog Sanitizer's so there upgraded, there not a bather anymore.

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    I thought they were called companion animal hygeinists?

    Tammy in Utah
    PS: How's that Groomers Helper?
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      LOL!! I needed that, that one made me laugh out loud actually. I love it!! Hey, if groomers can be Pet Stylists, then y not let the bathers be called doggie sanitizers. I really do love it!!


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        CAH I thought was a certificate you get after a weekend class and pass the test.For groomers as well as bathers. I got my CAH long after I had my van. I am my own bather. I thought it meant more than just bather experience. I dunno.....I misplaced mine.In order to be your own groomer, you have to be a comber/bather, and I know ears and nail care was included in certif.


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          Personally, I like Canine Hygiene Specialist.
          The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ~Nelson Henderson


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            Oh Come on......

            Now you Know we are Butt scrubbers. Poop removers, miracle workers. And doggie transformation experts. And we do it with a smile.......


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              I love it!


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                I LOVE Pet Sanitizers! That is sooo true! Makes me think about when I was doing massage on people. I called myself a Butt Rubber!