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    I did a somewhat fix-it job on a Giant Schnauzer today. The owners have only had her a month. She's a retired breeder from San Fransisco. They brought her to a groomer before they brought her home. The groomer said that they were only going to trim her. Instead they got a screwed up Schnauzer cut. This was the worst Schnauzer cut I have ever seen. The skirt was shaved down so low it was just barely on the outside of the nipples and it was trimmed to about 1 1/2 inches. The legs were shaved all along the edge, like they were following the bone. Then it was swooped around to go back to the ankle. It wasn't even and there were some chunks missing. They didn't trim the legs at all. They were poofy. The front legs were shaved down to the elbow and a hack job with scissors was done for a few inches below that. The chest peak was right next to the right leg instead of the middle, so there was a slopping line to the left leg. Then about half way down the front legs, they poofed out. They face wasn't to bad, but you could clearly see where they started to shave and the eyes were extremely overgrown. They didn't do any blending. They lady hated that cut, she waiting for her to grow out enough that it could be some what blended.

    I trimmed the legs up so they weren't so scragely. I couldn't blend the front legs all that well. She didn't want any hair cut short, she just wanted everything blended and smooth looking. So I did the front legs as best as possible, then used a #3 to blend in the back legs, as best I could. To make this dog look decent I would have had to shave it the same length as the body. I made the eyebrows shorter. The previous groomer had left the eyebrows in the "show" style. They lady liked them like that but they were so bushy and all over the place that she wanted them short. So I did the "pet" version. So no more eyebrows touching the nose.

    After I was finished I think the dog still looked ****** (in my opinion). But the lady loved her. She said she looked gorgeous and would be back in a month or so for another grooming.

    The owner and I can't wait for her to grow out so that they dog can have a proper cut.

    I put a pick of her legs up, I was trying to show the choppiness on the front legs and the swooped cut on the back legs. It's not that clear in the pic. Hard to take pictures like that on black dogs.

    Also for every groomer out there. I've mentioned before about Axel, the Giant Schnauzer that went missing. This is their new dog. They have ordered a Schnauzer puppy from the same breeder but are still looking for Axel. They want him back. So please keep your eye's open. Please get the word out to every groomer in your area, Please..
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    I'm sad they still haven't found Axel. I can't believe that a dog like THAT, would come up missing suddenly and nowhere to be found.

    Yes, that dog looks a bit choppy in the photo. Glad you fixed it.

    Tammy in Utah
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