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    I work in a shop with two other groomers. All we have in the shop are HV dryers (but that's another rant...) There is no separate drying room, the dogs are dried at the tables which are lined up in a row.

    I find it absolutely maddening when I am trying to scissor a dog to have all the hair off my table blown into my face by the other gromers drying their dogs,all the water from their dogs, and have the hair on the dog I'm trying to work on blowing around (it inevitably happens when I'm trying to do a really fine coated dog like a maltese or doing bichons, or in a time crunch)

    They hold the dryer away from the dogs, nozzle on, and aim whatever direction THEY need with no thought to the person and dog at the next table.

    Any ideas on how to handle this?

    And while I'm asking: The owner of the shop moves very quickly, she's always zooming around, kind of nervously, and a lot of dogs find it upsetting when they are on the table, they start spinning and acting up when she goes by (which is a lot)

    How can I nicely ask her to slow down?

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    Trip her with your HV hose next time she zooms by.

    Maybe then she'd get the idea to separate drying from the rest of the shop. Sorry to hear of your plight. I avoid conflict, so I'd probably do something passive agressive, like wait til I see my neighbor try to scissor a dog, and "by mistake" have my dryer pointing off my dog while I dried him...or something sneaky like that. However, that can cause more problems.

    Have you tried just asking them nicely to try to avoid blowing your dog's hair, or their dog's water all over? Or talking to the owner about maybe setting aside one corner for drying so that the finishing can be more efficient, and a better finish all around?
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      Can you ask her to move you to a quiet corner some where in the shop?????


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        Have you tried saying something to the other groomers when it happens? Maybe in a humorous, joking manner? "Wooo! You just about blew this little guy off my table!" Maybe they just don't realize they're doing it. I know when I'm working on a dog, I'm pretty focused on the dog, and not paying attention to much of anything else.


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          [QUOTE=ejmj30;25756]Trip her with your HV hose next time she zooms by.

          ROFL. That was what I was thinking. As far as your co workers, blow some their way and maybe they will get the hint. I do that to get owners out of my trailer lol. I blow wet hair on them.
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            Build a fort!

            Go in early one day and hang sheets from the ceiling to surround your table, LOL.

            The sheets may blow a little, but it should keep the hair and water off your dogs and may give the owner the hint (as well as the other groomers.


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              That has to be terrible when it comes to scissoring not to mention the added humidity.

              Are you Independent? If so, just move your table yourself :-)


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                We used to have that problem. Make sure you speak up every time someone blows your way. If the person next to me accidently pointed their dryer towards me I would briefly point mine at her and she would get the drift. They will get it eventually. We have since remodeled and no longer dry dogs in our grooming area. Much nicer now. We can actually hear the phone ring.


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                  Lost cause

                  Well, as I read your post, I'm thinking it's probably a lost cause because no one but you seems to be bothered by it. If they had any clue, the conditions probably wouldn't exist.

                  I personally could not work in that situation. Too loud, to hairy, to much confusion! And I have worked in my share of confusion, but that just sounds way too, too...

                  You can bring it up, but they other people in the shop probably haven't a clue what you are talking about.


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                    I was thinking of suggesting moving ur table if at all possible. Or blowing water on them LOL. That is always a good suggestion. Or you could just do that anyways for fun, lol. no, dont do it just for fun.


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                      Originally posted by ejmj30 View Post
                      Trip her with your HV hose next time she zooms by.

                      ROFL. That was what I was thinking. As far as your co workers, blow some their way and maybe they will get the hint. I do that to get owners out of my trailer lol. I blow wet hair on them.
                      Hehe Great minds think alike, I was thinking the same thing.

                      Why don't you speak to the other groomers about the situation. They may be aggravated w/it also, but they may think that is just how things are in a grooming shop. If they are "with" you , or even if they aren't bothered by it, I would also speak to the owner. Is there another area that the drying can be done? Or if not maybe a partition could be put up. It is crazy to try to do quality work on a dog that is being windblown.
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                        I would probably do as SheliaB suggested. Find out if the other groomers are with you then collectively talk to the boss at a less stressful moment. If they aren't, I would just ask to speak to her when she gets a chance. Just be honest & tell her you aren't mad an anyone or trying to get anyone in trouble, you're just trying to do the best job you can. But you can't with all the noise, hair, wind and distractions. Is there maybe something we can do to cut down on all of this?

                        It sounds like a poor shop design.


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                          Wow, I don't know how you work in a situation like that, lol. Thankfully we have a drying room that is separate. We do have an extra blowdryer in the grooming room, but thankfully everyone is very courteous about it. Before we turn it on, we say that we are going to turn it on so as not to startle anyones dogs and cause mishaps. We also are spaced well enough that it would be hard to blow on each others dogs. If I were you I would try to talk to them. As others suggested maybe they just don't realize. In any case, good luck, and let us know how it goes!
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                            I always point the hose up to the ceiling to reduce flying hair. Most people get the bright idea to point it at the floor when it's not on the dog....HELLO! Dog hair lands on floor....HV points at dog hair and everything becomes a blizzard!


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                              The problem is that there is nowhere to move the table to, nowhere to set up a separate drying area without extensive remodeling, and it's not my shop, I'm just an employee.

                              Guess I'll just have to develop a spine and talk to them about it. Maybe set up a "demo" where I put a maltese on a table and instruct them to scissor it while I blow the HV around wildly.