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  • when mentioning specific blades

    just a thought. sometimes someone will post requesting "how to". when we respond with specific blades, we should also mention whether we are using clipper vacs or not. there can be a difference in blade length using the same size. the same thing with the metal clip ons vs the plastic.
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    I always mention using the CV, I also tell them (usually or depending on the circumstances) what length it would be without the CV.

    I use those stupid Oster combs, but I do like how they have the length directly on them, instead of this "A Comb" or "0 comb"

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      Clipper Vac should be at the end of my name!

      With me, Mustluvdogs1 you can assume I am using the clipper vac because i Never groom without it! I think if it broke I would cancel, take it straight to r Ryans to get it fixed, and then go back to work the first day it was working. I have two, and one needs new brushes or some small thing.I bow down to Marlene, who invented it!


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        I'm with Mustluvdogs...I groom with a CV, have for years! Oh, once in a while I'll knock off really dirty matted coat or wet shave with out it, but for regular bet I use my CV. I had 3, sold the big shop sized one, still have a super size in my rig, and a brand new Tote just as a back-up! It's just part of my equipment!

        My new iVac is working super, (did a change out of my green set @ Burbank for an orange one).