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I got goodies in the mail today

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  • I got goodies in the mail today

    I got an Ivac, and my furminator that I order off Ebay. The Ivac was a gift to me from a friend. Now I have to get some blades for it. It has a 30 on it.
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    Why do you have to get blades for it? Any blade should fit them. I use buttercuts and andis on them as well as laube (although I only have a couple of them).

    I hope you like it. I really like mine, although sometimes I forget I have it. I especially like it on poodles and bichons...still haven't got the hang of it with drop coats.

    What a good friend you have. That's a pretty nice gift!
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      I realized after I posted that it uses any blade lol. Duh on my part. I know nothing about it. But I sure will have fun tomorrow trying it out. Does it make the cuts shorter? What do I need to know before I send out a bald dog lol. And yes, what a good friend to send that to me. Thanks Joe.

      I did like 3 strokes with the furminator. I am sold. I did not believe it would work well. OMG. My lab just had a bath and blow out 2 days ago. In 3 strokes I had a handful of hair. That will be a nice add on. but I need to know how to charge for it.
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        Furry, my same thoughts exactly! I use Oster, Andis, Keen Kuts, Buttercut, Laube and what ever else I have. Any blade that fits the A-5 regular clipper will fit an iVac.

        If you are doing a lot of clipper changes, you might have to tweak the socket (ears) on the blade, but all the blades that you have will fit the iVac.


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          Diamie you'll love the ivac, just be SURE to start out much longer at first when clipping a dog...when you go WITH the grain, it could make lines, so you might want to clip in reverse...which makes the clip even shorter, lol.

          Practice on a dog you know you're going to shave BALD. Practice with different blades and combs, telling yourself, "I wont the coat ___" long. Then see what happens. For a #7 look, I use a #4 (on the lowest suction) in reverse. Watch the suction, that can make a big difference. Watch the ears and the tails, they can be sucked in and suddenly a full, beautiful tail on a shih tzu will have a HUGE chunk taken out of it and leave that spot an inch long! lol

          Also remember that a thin haired dog will be scalped even with a #3 blade with the iVAC, so start with combs if you're not sure...practice and you'll enjoy it!

          Tammy in Utah
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            we use the furminator as a deshedding tool for dogs where I work, (in addition to lava stones, zoom groom, and hv dryer), but do not charge extra for it - we see deshedding a dog such as a lab, a standard part of the grooming.



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              Please let me know how you like it:-) I have considered it but I have a taxi vac:-)