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Miracle Pet Makeover 2007 Photo Essay Contest Win $2,500

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  • Miracle Pet Makeover 2007 Photo Essay Contest Win $2,500

    Back by popular demand we open today the 2007 version of the contest. You can win cash for you and your favorite pet charity.

    If you are not familiar with the 2005 contest it is archived on the same page as the 2007 contest.

    Please grab some tissue for tears of joy and regret, but YOU the groomers that participated took regret to joy, and we hope that you will do this again.

    It is NOT about traditional before and after. We are talking pets in SEVERE conditions, and stories about groomers who didn't just wait for a pet in this condition to show up on their door, that's OK, but also the stories of groomers who even went out and got done what needed to get done for a pet in substantial need. You will better understand by reading many of the stories with the photos.

    YOUR SHORT ESSAY IS IMPORTANT!! We will edit, write your best. So take a look. Here is the link...
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of

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    Stephen, I am unsure of what to say to an owner, since we are required to get express permission from the owner to submit the photo.

    "Hi, I'm trying to win a contest using your dog's photo" (and of course the owner will not think it's for a beauty contest!), I just can't imagine someone feeling ok about their matted mess being in a contest...get where I'm going with this? Do you have any ideas here? I'd have to call mine back and ask.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      Ditto to what Spikey said....I was thinking the same thing. Also whatever happend to the certificates for everyone who made an entry? Maybe mine got lost in the mail? I was kind of bummed that mine never came, boo hoo.


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        I went to my local shelter. They're super excited about this, and will call me when they get some really neglected dogs.
        The prizes mention a fav. charity though. Can that be a Humane Society? I think it would be great to donate to the shelter that I will be getting dogs from.

        Stephen: Sure a shelter or humane society is perfect and several benefited from the 2005 contest.


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          OOOOO O love Kim's idea!


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            I somewhat agree w/spikes post;but we are talking about pet's,not the owners or their personal information.I am unaware of any laws that require a release from the owners.I would like more information,or links to better educate myself before I even think of entering such a contest.


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              Hey everyone,
              I found this in the offical rules.

              HOLD HARMLESS: By entering the contest you warrant to Find A Groomer, Inc. that you are the lawful owner of the photographs. Further, if you do not own the pet displayed in the photographs, you warrant to Find A Groomer, Inc. that you have the express permission of the pet owner of the pet in the submitted photos to enter the photos in this contest. By submitting photographs to Find A Groomer, Inc. as entry into the Contest you hold harmless Find A Groomer, Inc. and its advertising sponsors from any claims that may arise from the actual owners of the photos and/or pet making a claim that they are the lawful owner of the photographs or pet displayed in them.

              Hope this helps.


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                Vets dog

                What do you think they mean by the expressed permission. I told the man who owned the chow chow I just groomed (who hadn't been prof. groomed since November - which wouldn't have been that bad if they hadn't been hosing her down and letting her air dry) that I was going to put the dogs before and after pictures in a Pet Makeover contest and he just laughed. He didn't express that he would not allow me to do so. Do I have to get it in writing, or is the fact that he didn't tell me NO enough?