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I cant believe I forgot my cam today!

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  • I cant believe I forgot my cam today!

    Ive been househunting for my parents so my cam was at home by my laptop....grrrrrrr

    Today I had a 4 mo. old mini poodle pup come in OMG was she gorgeous!!!!!!!!Apricot.. Not only that, she acted like she was 10yrs old. Actually fell asleep on my table while we were waiting for her nail polish to dry LOL. Unfortunately mom wanted her short......I think she wouldve looked SO cute in a cute lil style......oh well. So she got pink nails & pink bows. I absolutley love her, cant wait till she comes back

    Oh....and the other adorable part is that the womans 5 yr old daughter REALLY wanted me to hire her.......I had to tell her to come back in high school and we would talk. She says "but I am ALMOST six!" LOL Too cute.....
    Between the little girl & The pup, I couldve adopted them both! I let the girl take a toy for her pup off my shelf. I am a sucker! LOL

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    You will remember it the next time the puppy comes in!!!! Maybe purchase a little cheap camera to keep at your shop.


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      Work on the owner...she may cave later and let you do something nice to the dog. After the nail polish and all that, and if you rave enough, maybe she'll give in?

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate