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  • Labradoodle..

    So I groomed this doodle today, who looked like a Portuguese Water Dog. This dog boards at my work and she brought him to me today because the last groomer brushed him so hard (apparently) that it lefts sores on the dog. She noticed the scabs the next day when she was petting him. Every time she would brush him after that he would whine and freak out so she stopped brushing him completely. This is what she told me. At least she was honest that she didn't brush him. He was groomed last in the beginning of January. This poor dog was so freaking matted. She didn't want him short. I gave her the schpeel about how he has to be shaved, I'll leave him as long as I can, but I have to shave under the mats I can't go thru them yada yada. So I did a wet shave on him. I tried with a #4, but that was a no go so I did a #5. Then the legs came and I had to use a #7. His fur came off in blankets. I had to cut them to get them apart so I could clear my table to see what I was doing. Got him all shaved, put him back in the tub to give him a good rinsing. When he was all dry I was able to use a #5 on him all over. Thank goodness his head wasn't matted. She was able to keep his head brushed. I wish I had my camera on me today. I would have taken during and after pictures.

    Well when the owner came to pick him up she was extremely happy. Upset, understandably because he was short, but happy because he looked good and didn't have any sores on him. She thanked be repeatedly and went home.

    Made me feel good.

    Oh also she said the other groomer couldn't handle him because he's wiggly. She said, of course he's wiggly, he's part Lab. I told her every dog is wiggly. He was so good to groom. He only "wiggled" on his head. He just wanted to look around. And he would jerk his feet somewhat when I was shaving them. Just the normal things.

    He had the strangest ears I've ever seen though. They were so tight I guess is the best word. The canal. I could hardly even get my hemostats in them. He suffers from chronic ear infections and her vet told her it's because of the hair in his ears. It's not. The holes are so small. He had an infection but it looked like yeast. There was no dirt, not a lot of hair, and his ears were cauliflowered. I tried my best but couldn't get any of the hair out of his ears. It just wouldn't budge. Even with the talc. Nothing came out.