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From Salon to "SPA"?

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  • From Salon to "SPA"?

    Im curious to know how many groomers on here have changed their salon name to "SPA" and what services, changes, products, etc. are you now offering. Has this helped your business, customer relations, profits? Do you find that in a short time you have recouped your initial investment of spa lines or have you reverted back to your basic line of shampoos and conditioners.

    If you are retailing Im interested to know what spa lines you have tried and what moves well. Do you advertise your spa services and packages on the wall of your salon?

    Thank you.

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    As of tomorrow I will be a "Spa". I have put it in my name so now it is The Pet Parlour - Dog Spa. I am waiting on my new sign to be made. I am going to use the Spa Lavish line from Tropiclean. I love it! Everyone will recieve a Blueberry Facial, A paw treatment, spa bath and Nourish Conditioning. I have raised my prices too. I hope it goes well. I will also keep a Hypoallergenic shampoo for those with sensitive skin. I am also going to keep some of my "add ons" because some of my clients love them. I would like to just get rid of them, maybe in time though. I am also going to retail this line. I know there are some other people on this board who do this also, maybe they will have some more input.


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      Where can you order this line of shampoo?


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        i get my tropiclean shampoo directly from the company. it is alot cheaper than buying it from new england serum.


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          I got one of those new lighted signs in the Pet Edge catalog. The one that is shaped like a dog house and it says PET SPA. And that bugger is bright!!! It can be seen down the road a couple of blocks.


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            spa line

            i only use the spalavish line of shampoos unless they need the oxymed line. i started this in nov and i raised everyones price in jan. i do not offer it as an add on service they just all get the spa services. even with the oxy med they get a facial and a paw treatment. i love this line of shampoo. but i also do not charge for ny add on services except for capstar, my prices are all stated as $**.** and up, that way if they need to be dematted/heavy shedding/pita ect... i charge accordingly. i hate it when one price is quoted and then they end up paying a lot more just because of add ons. but did i say that i really like the spalavish line??? LOL i did get rid of about 15 gallons of asst. shampoos,my bathing area is so much neater and stree free.


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              I think the atmosphere in your salon can make it feel "spa" like.
              I do have clients that say to their dogs, "you're going to the spa today"

              I do use the spalavish line, as an add on. Selling lots of the Ultimate Spa as an add on. IT also comes with a Spa sign, which I have in my window. People always notice it & read it.