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Nicking A Schnauzers' tiny ear.

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  • Nicking A Schnauzers' tiny ear.

    Yesterday I did a Schnauzers' second groom. The lady is the mother of a gal with a yorkie I have done for 4 or more years. The mother is very protective and even has dresses for this little, smaller than usual Black Schnauzer. Welll, I did firt ear fine and nicked the second on that little fold. I went in correct direction but that fold mustnot have been smoothed out. Zip, and I go, " Oh NO". I tried pressure tight with paper towel. I don't have ice in the van. I tried liquid quick stop. One too powdery and never even works on nails. I bathed and trimmed her. It stopped some, but then started up again. Finally the lady comes to the van for her Lucy, so I had to tell her. She semed angry. She went and got quick stop. I told her I already had some and it just makes a mess. I then used liquid bandage to which she said she didn't want that, after it was applied. I never got to smooth out or finish the dog. This lady wanted an ugly trim. Shave as close as I can under chin. shave everywhere and leave brows. Close on butt.I know some use crazy glue, but I don't have any and it didn't ned gluing together. If I had been in a shop I would have had time to fix and finish her. She paid me, no questions. I said how sorry I was. Puppies are wiggly. Also, the lady said, "Well don't you use a guard? I said no, not to shave and I showed her snap on combsare large and not for tiny cropped ears. What kind of guards does she think allows for shaves?I probably won't get to do her ag.ain and afraid to try ears again.!I have small clippers that came free with Oster with perm blade, but afrain it would be les s safe.What and how would you approach those tiny ears? I asked yesterday but in wrong post.I had two OLD cauterizers with dead batteries. I hate the Hot idea, but they work. Does anyone ever cauterize little ear nicks? What is quickest best solution?Man, they bleed so.

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    Silver nitrate sticks. Get them from your vet. They sting, but they work. Or a styptic pencil, like men use for shaving nicks. Again, they sting, but they work


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      after I nicked a dogs ear I started using my small trimmers. They work great and seem safer to me. I also use them around the mouth on poodles that do not tolerate the regular clippers well
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        I'm sorry you had that experience. I know you felt bad enough about knicking the little girl. I had the same experience with a scottie who flipped out while I was shaving her ear and it took a little nick right out of the edge but the dogs owner was very understanding. She actually apologized because she knows the dog is bad. I said well she's not "bad" she's just so nervous, she just didn't tolerate grooming that well. The most you can do is just be as careful as you can, but accidents can and do happen and ears are hard to get to stop bleeding. Don't let it scare you away from shaving all ears though. If your nervous about it now, just go really slow and pay extra attention when doing ears.


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          I feel your pain. I did this about 3 weeks ago on a nervous Scottie. I used the quick stop, liquid bandage and it finally stopped. That makes you feel like sh--. I'm also a little nervous now about the ears. More careful for sure. I thought I was being careful but those quick moves can catch us off guard. I need to get the silver nitrate sticks too.


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            Oooh, ears do bleed like crazy! I generally just put pressure on it for awhile, but even then it can take awhile.
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