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Written Policies on customer complaints.

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  • Written Policies on customer complaints.

    Does anyone have in their shop a written policy posted on their wall or in a new client brochure that you might hand out that tells customers that any issues that they feel may be due to the dogs grooming (ie rashes that show up after a few days,clipper sensitivities etc.) should be reported in XX amount of time, so you may work with them and their vets to identify and resolve he issue? Something that tells them if problems are not communicated in a timely fashion there's not much you can do about it? Only put in a nicer way.

    Intended to prevent those who last came in 4-6 months ago that call and say oh fluffy needs a grooming but last time fluffy got little red bumps all over and my vet said you gave him clipper burn and they are angry.

    Although it is must likely a reaction to a new shampoo, they dont want to hear it and you now have no way to tell because you didn't see it or have the chance to discuss it with the vet.