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Wheaten terriers

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  • Wheaten terriers

    Just out of curiosity, are they all nuts or just the ones that come into MY shop?

    I only have 2, but I cringe when the owners call me. One is getting better (it's about time, considering I've been grooming this dog for 2 years now) but it's still like a bad dream I can't wake up from. The other one just isn't wired right. That one is actually a Cocker/wheaton mix. He weighs about 50 pounds and I have to do him on my floor because I'm sure he would take my grooming table down. (I had that happen last week with a Cocker and it scared the crapola outta me.) He is a nightmare from start to finish. His temperament is fine, if he would just hold still. The dog is all over the place and he's STRONG!!

    Oh... and while I'm at it - and because I have to head out and don't want to post 2 posts, how do you handle this situation? Yesterday I had a woman call me. She got my name from a local vet who told her I am good with "hard to handle dogs". How I got that reputation is beyond me and I havn't figured out yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing - I'm leaning towards bad. She told me her dog is epileptic, and is on daily medication. Then she went on to tell me that I would have to muzzle him while I do his feet, and the vet suggested I give him a capsule so he doesn't go into seizure. She also mentioned that he goes nuts by his face.... this was a schnauzer. How the heck am I supose to do the face of a schnauzer that needs to be muzzled and "could" go into a seizure?

    She seemed surprised when I told her that I do not administer drugs in my shop. I then suggested that IF the dog has to be tranquilized, it would be in the dogs best interest to be groomed at a vet clinic where a Vet was nearby... just in case. I gave her the name of a clinic that has a groomer on site. I almost felt like the woman was arguing with me. She kept insisting that her vet told her "I" could give the dog a capsule. (she didn't even know what "capsule" I should give the dog... insert eyeroll) It was like she didn't understand the "I" do not do that, because her vet said I could so it must be ok. At the end of the conversation, she told me that the vet had given her a name of another groomer also, and she would call her. I happen to know THAT groomer doesn't work in a clinic either, but I kept my opinion to myself and wished her luck.

    I seriously doubt that I'm the only groomer who doesn't stock my shelves with doggy downers.

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    I don't know about other states but its illegal here for groomers to give dogs "doggy downers"

    I work in a vet clinic and I still tell clients that if a dog needs medication they need to give it at home before they come. I guess if a dog really needed something while he was here Id ask on of the vets if it was ok but if I wasn't in a vet hosp I don't think Id take on the liability of something like that. It sounds like your instincts are right and that dog is better off being groomed where there are vets around.

    As for the beard and the muzzle... guess its a non issue


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      Well first, I did a soft wheaton the other day. It was just a bath since her paws were muddy from roaming outdoors. The woman clearly stated she has a regular groomer and this was just due to the paws. She went on and on about how wonderful her dog was since she was regularly groomed. She had asked how long and I informed her it could vary depending on if she tolerated a high velocity or not. She insisted this dog was fine with it all... she was so used to this.

      This dog was a sweety but not at ALL tolerating the HV. She was borderline stressing out. She flipped around. Of course after I had felt I gave it a go, I turned it off and put her in a cage with the air dry. I did end up fluffing toward the end while I brushed her out. She was even hyper on the table. I understand this was a new experience and place. I just really don't think she is at all as calm as the woman made her out to be. I dont know.

      As far as this other experience with the vet, I would call. I honestly don't think you should be getting calls like this. If it is not your aim to work with hard to handle, and if its not something you prefer to tackle, call. I would take it with a grain of salt being it didn't come directly from the office. Maybe the woman was exagerating? I dont know. In any case I would call and speak to the vet. I would tell him while you appreciate a referral you arn't thrilled with the idea of aquiring a rep for being great at "hard to handle", and that you do not under any circumstances administer meds.


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        Sorry you have so much trouble with your Wheaties. I only do two, same owner, and they're both really nice dogs, stand still, and the only problem I have is the fact that they're mud puppies. They swim and run through the giggley weeds, and come in with all sorts of things in their coats.

        As for the other situation, I'd hope that NO groomers stock their shelves with tranquilizers. They're prescription drugs. We do sell some herbal relaxants, but we don't administer them. The owner must purchase a bottle and give them to the dog before it comes in.

        I do groom 2 dogs who have seizure disorders. One is an elderly schnauzer with no behavioral issues. The other is a toy poodle who has had some behavioral issues, but we've worked through them and he's no longer a problem. I know what he can tolerate, and what he can't. Their vets prescibe, and the owners administer, a dose of valium before they come in. It's not a high enough dose to actually traquilize the dog. It just helps prevent a seizure.

        I won't work on tranquilized or sedated dogs without a vet in attendance.


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          They're Getting More Popular

          At least in my area, the Wheatens seem to be the "trendy" purebred of the year.... Along with the "designer hybrids" (MUTTS), most of the new pups I'm seeing are Wheatens.

          I LOVE doing the Wheaten haircut, and I'm one of very few in this area that actually knows HOW to cut them to profile. I see so many Wheatens come in with teddy bear cuts. When I ask the owner, "Do you want a true Wheaten haircut?" they say yes--and they're amazed at how great their dogs look. Unfortunately, that will probably make me the local go-to gal for this breed (along with Bichons). NOT sure I want that.... I LOVE the haircut--not so fond of the craziness of the breed....


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            I have done three of four wheatons who just won't stand still

            I had only one that actually tried to bite and it was more out of stress than agression. He was just so high wired that every time you touched him he could jump up and nip at whatever you were touching. Kind like what was that? nip,nip Just really jumpy. The owner gave him benadryl and later moved on to a real tranquilizer but would always be upset when he didn't come out perfect (ears too long) usually silly things, even though he knew the dog was difficult. I had three that are like mini-poodles and just can't stand still to save their lives and the people liked them long (#1 puppy) or neaten-ups but would admit they couldn't brush them at home. There was one really sweet one gave kisses sand just whined the whole time she was there . I felt bad for her that her owner didn't like her because she wasn't just like his last wheaton. Maybe Helly is lucky and has the two only trained wheatons in the world.


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              Boy, I don't know how I missed this. I'm home sick; it must be the cold medications fuzzing my brain.

              What vet is going to tell an owner that the groomer can or will give a dog a tranq? Vets know these are prescription drugs, and you can't just walk down to the pharmacy and buy a bottle of tranquilizers. Sounds like the owner is pulling a shuck & jive on you.

              But in any case, I'd call the vet, thank him if he actually did refer you, but remind him that tranquilizers require a prescription, you aren't qualified or licensed to prescribe, and in any case, you don't work on tranquilized dogs.


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                LMAO!! Wheatons are idiots!! We get a lot of them, apparently there are some active breeders around here, and we're in a very chic area so I guess they are the trend for those with more money than brains. Don't get me wrong, I haven't seen any bad temperments yet, they are sweet but boy are they stupid!

                As far as the other situation I think you handled that very well. Especially with a dog with seizures, all tranqs should be done by the vet.


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                  Unprofessional conduct

                  Some of the talk in this thread is what brings down the professional reputation of our industry. It's not that you are wrong, it's the manner.

                  I get all sorts of email from pet owners who read this board, and ask me how some of you can talk the way you do and glad they don't go to you for grooming. There are behavioral dogs of course, but we don't have to slam the breed or dogs here in public, nor the owners. It's the environment of the industry and we're supposed to help change along, not ride the venting wave not only in this thread but others, really sad.
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