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  • Gettin' Hot Around Here

    Late next weekend we will initiate the 2nd Miracle Pet Makeover Contest with $2,500 in cash prizes for groomers and their favorites pet charities.

    We will open up the 2007 surveys.

    We will release the results of 2, not 1, of the HOTTEST pricing surveys ever, the standard Grooming Price Survey 2006 and the first ever MOBILE prices survey and boy is it interesting.

    Fortunately I have a helper coming in and we will catch up on the certificates for the 2005 Miracle participants, thanks for your patience.

    By the end of March there will also be 3,500 fully cleaned and restyled pages to with a new easy navigation system. That has been a chore to clean up and standardize.

    Late March will also definitely see the release of the #2 workbook in the Grooming Business in a Box SERIES, with Mastering Pet Groomer Compensation and Operations. We will see to it that the #3 workbook in the series will be the design and floorplans, we are getting many requests! OK!!! I hear you.
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    Are you tired yet????????????? Iam exhausted just listening to all that you are doing.
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      Stephen, are you getting ANY sleep? Good grief, it makes me tired just reading about it.

      Tammy in Utah

      Stephen: Very little. I think I gave the wrong date for the pricing surveys, it will be April 2. As of this morning 1,723 of 2,785 pages of being cleaned up and standardized are done. The new look and navigation is a treat to see. Keeps me going. Thanks to helpers dropping by and helping out that have web page skills.
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        Stephen you may want to look into renting Santa's elves during the off season.