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Double Vision-- Twins Day

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  • Double Vision-- Twins Day

    Friday was a weird day almost all my customers brought in 2 dogs a piece, but the funny thing was thay all matched.
    2 Westies,2 Bichons, 2 more Westies,of course all white, 2 Liv/wht Springers,
    2 tan/wht Cockers, 2 blk/wht Shih Tzus were for clips .
    Baths were Rottie, Min pin, Dach, German Shep guess what color all of these were, of course all Black and Tan.
    Luckily they were all regulars and even though they looked alike I could tell them all apart.

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    Thats crazy! How did you keep those westies straight!?!? LOL!


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      I always dread those family days, lol, because if a family or two cancel there goes half your day!
      Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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        Brother&Sister Goldens

        One time As a mobile in SF bay area, I went to bathe second golden and she resisted. come on Honey, I said. Dog says Nooo stupid, you just did me, you want my brother!Then I just laughed. They never resisted and were good dogs. i always had to throw the tennis ball a bit first tho'.


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          How were your eyes at the end of the day?

          Alternating black and white all day long. You must have been squinting like crazy at the end of the day just trying to see them.


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            I have days like that--I call it "Noah's Grooming Salon" on those days....


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              What a day! I just did one (1) black poodle and I had trouble seeing, can't imagine your day!

              I should have sent you my Min Pin to do, it would have thrown off your black and tan, she is red.
              "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                I do have to switch off breeds and colors, not do them back to back, I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere, feels like Groundhog day the movie all day !