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So tired of those matted doodles!

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  • So tired of those matted doodles!

    What's a person to do? I get a few very matted doodles, and I'm constantly telling the owner to brush & comb. No. They tell me the dog won't LET THEM! Ugh. Then they don't want me to clip them short. I struggle with those terrible mats. I can't spend hours pulling mats apart. I WON'T spend time picking through those horrible mats. Any suggestions on what to do with those BIG mats on the legs? I'm getting very frustrated.

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    They either have to do their part at home or bring them in more often to be brushed out in between. If they let if go to long and it is too mated then tell them it will be short or charge them lots of extra $$$$$ for all your hard dematting work.


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      If the owner wont do their part at home, I will not spend time dematting a dog that they just didnt bother to keep up with between grooms. Have you shown them how to properly brush the dog out? I know what you mean about the doodles.......The mix of those 2 breeds produced a horrible coat! I only have done a few that didnt mat up like that!

      How about them bringing them in more often? Even just for a bath & brush every few weeks to maintain the length they want? If they say no to that, and say they "cant" brush the dog at home, I say take it short! Dont punish yourself


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        Totally understandable, I was the same. I was tired of

        1. asked the owners to brush/comb their dogs
        2. taught them how to brush
        3. listened to all those A-Z excuses
        4. was told the dog " well brushed/ won't take you long " and got a totally matted underneath in one piece wigger on my table
        5. argued for the $$$/ dematting or shave
        6. getting those cold/dirty/ u over charged me look

        Anyway, I don't take those doodles anymore, they sure are cute sweethearts - as long as I don't have to groom them, I adore them too.
        How could people think the groomers shouldn't charge them for dematting because they brushed (?) their dogs until last week/after the dogs swam in the lake?


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          I tell the owners that I MUST take them down,I will not submit them to all that dematting and my forearms are not like those on Popeye! Charge extra for the work and I tell them that it will grow back,I guarantee it!


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            I would tell them to put the dog on a leash and take it out for a long walk to tire it out. Then keep the dog on the leash make it lay down and brush. If they don't want to brush it, they either get it shaved or you charge them a ton of $$ for dematting. Like it or leave it you can tell them.
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              It's the DOODLES!

              Just to add, when I get any other breed that is matted, it doesn't take me half the time or half the effort. I just find the "doodles" have the worst mats. I normally don't spend more than 15 minutes on average to demat any other breed. But with a "doodle", it can take 15 minutes on one leg alone! Sorry, but in these past 2 days I've been pulling my own hair out. Other than their hair, they are extremely sweet. LOL


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                If I was in your position I would tell the owners that if they cant manage to brush the dog or he/ she wont let them (Which I don't belive for a second...Tie it to something and brush it!! give him lots of attention and treats for behaveing and they will learn to love it! ugg!) Then they either need to bring him/her in more often or you will charge a hefty amount for the dematting. If they can't do this for some reason (money, time, etc...) Then they need to accept the fact that their pampered pooch is just going to have to have a shorter haircut!


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                  I do a bunch of "doodle's" too! There is one that matts the worst and now it comes in every 4 weeks. Every other time we give it a haircut otherwise it's just a bath and brush out. She still matts and sometimes she ends up going home with a few patches missing. It's sad when you have to shave the neck with a 10 blade because nothing else can get under them! We just put a bandana on her and the lady laughs but knows there's nothing else we can do for her since she wants her long and doesn't brush her. It doesn't help that she spends most of the day outside in the elements because "she loves being outside!!" So do my dogs but they go out to go to the bathroom and come back in, when it's ****** outside!

                  Why did they even have to start mixing these dogs!!!!!


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                    A used to hate getting Doodle calls, because it was always the same old line of BS so I implemented new rules for Doodles:
                    1. Anyone calls with a Doodle, they have to come to the shop with the dog for me to look at.
                    2. If it is severly matted, they agree to a shave and start over or go somewhere else. I WON'T demat them period.
                    3. If they make the appointment, they agree to stay on a 4-5 week schedule. One missed appointment I'm done. (of course emergencies are taken into consideration)
                    4. I show all Doodle owners, how to brush and care for their dog.
                    5. Then I show them what happens when they are not taken care of. I have pictures of a Doodle I did that was a complete pelt. I also saved the pelt, of this guy and show that to them as well.
                    6. I then show them pictures of a well cared for Doodle named "Miller".

                    I go over all of this in a polite but matter a fact way. I'm okay with it if people don't make an appointment, eventually the dog will have to be groomed/shaved. I have only had one person not make an appointment, it was an 11 month old Doodle, never been groomed and a complete mess, but they were going to brush the dog out themselves, okay, they had not brushed the dog in 11 months whatever! I heard from the client that referred them to me, originally, that they had to take the dog in to get him shaved. HMMM, really, who would of thought.

                    I posted a picture of "Miller" on the "Mixed breed grooming" forum a couple weeks ago. Of all the doodles I do I have to say he is my favorite. So far they all have behaved well, there is just something about him.

                    Sorry this is long, but I know how you feel. I use to feel the same way.



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                      As a wise teacher once told me. "learn to brush or learn to like it short" and that has always been my motto in dealing with these types of client. I don't quiet phrase it to them that way but brush your dog or I WILL shave it. Its so simple for me and the dog.


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                        thanks, Scoop

                        Scoop, I just saw the picture of Miller and he is gorgeous -- and he looks very sweet. There are so many new forums on this board that sometimes I forget to look in other forums (perhaps I should have posted this in mixed breeds). Anyway, a "0" comb looks great, but I can't even get a #5 blade through some of the mats. I might print his picture, too, to show some of my clients how their dog COULD look if he was well maintained!


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                          I'm so with you. I cringe at the sound of anything 'doodle. The breeders of these things are telling people that they only have to be groomed once or twice a year. They are truly the groomer's curse.

                          Scoop...I'm inspired. Maybe I will take a harder stance on these in the future. The "golden-doodles" are the worst. I've never seen so much hair in my life.


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                            If a dog comes in horribly matted the owner has 3 options: 1-take dog home and brush out at home,2-allow me to shave dog down , 3-find another groomer willing to dematt.


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                              Owners in denial

                              I groom a bunch of doodles and one of the problems I've found is the owners have been told by their breeder that the dog is low maintanance. So, these people are in denial about their coat care. It's up to us to explain to the owner what it takes to properly care for their doodle. I agree with everybody here. Frequent grooming and keep it short. It's better for the dog and no dematting.
                              If they want to keep it long and fluffy, bring the doodle in with no matts and tangles. I have no problems with that. Once the owner sees and understands what it takes to care for their dog, hopefully everybody can get on the same page and do what is best for the dog. BTW, I love my doodles. They have warm expressive eyes and are very accepting of the grooming process. I really enjoy grooming them.